Our COLOURlovers Community Agreement

I’m continually amazed by the community you’ve all helped create here at COLOURlovers. We continually have one of the top communities on the web as noted by the Webby Awards (5x in a row!) and the atmosphere is one of support and creativity. In an age when it’s so easy to put somebody else down anonymously online, you all keep sharing the love. Thank you.

And to support the awesome culture we have here, I wanted to develop a Community Agreement that we can show to new members & old that helps them understand what it means to be a member of this community. Below is my first draft at this, but this is for the community so I would love your feedback and thoughts too.

Part of the reason to write this is to help you all better understand, appreciate and support each other. I stay very connected to the community and find myself mediating more misunderstandings and disagreements than I probably need to. By creating an agreement for how we expect each other to act here, we’ll make it easier for the community to help take care of itself.

COLOURlovers Community Agreement

Welcome to one of the best communities in the known universe. A place for sharing your creative ideas in a supportive & inspiring atmosphere. The following agreement is an outline of what we all expect of each other here at COLOURlovers. Please have a read of it and then continue sharing the COLOURlove.

What this community is all about.

This community is about creativity and inspiration. While color is at the foundation and heart of our community, it is much more than that. We want to continue to create the tools and platforms for everybody to discover their inner creative talent and to share it with the world. We recognize that each person has a unique perspective of the world and we encourage them to share it. By participating in the COLOURlovers community we hope everyone discovers more of their talents and helps somebody else discover theirs.

Our community is about: love, support, creativity, inspiration, sharing & inclusion.

Our community is NOT about: hate, hurting, attacking, criticizing & exclusion.


Some Participation Tips:

Constructive Criticism
It’s ok to not love everything. It’s fine to dislike a color, palette or pattern… but sharing your dislike in an attacking way won’t be tolerated in our community. Saying something like “this palette sucks” will get your comment removed by and admin and possibly your account banned if you continue to attack the creations of other members. What you could say instead if you really have to comment on something you dislike is “I don’t like this combination of colors.” Or better yet, be specific why… but keep in mind, some people are sharing for the creative joy of it, not to get critical feedback. And if all else fails remember the old saying of “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

How to Address Problems
First, please try err on the side of assuming people are good. If it looks like somebody is being rude to another member or copying the work of another member without crediting them, ask them about it. Don’t make accusations. Ask for more information. Most problems can be mediated when more information is gathered. The person who was “stealing” palettes and not crediting the original creator was simply a new member who didn’t know how to bookmark them and they didn’t want to lose them. The person being rude didn’t understand a joke that was written without the full context. Assume people are good, and ask questions. Most problems can be solved nicely that way.

If you can’t get more information to help mediate a problem or somebody is being flagrantly rude to other members. Please contact one of the COLOURlovers team members. You can do so by using the contact link at the bottom right of the page, or by sending any one of the team members a love note.

Closed Accounts
There are a few reasons why accounts may be closed. Sometimes it just means a member wanted to move in another direction with their life and they closed their own account. Other times account are closed for spamming or attacking other members.

Adult Language & Content
Swearing is generally called “adult language” but that doesn’t mean that all adults swear or that they appreciate it. We have a swear word filter turned on by default to block the display of certain words. If you really enjoy a well placed f-bomb then you can turn that preference off in your account settings area.

Pornographic content isn’t allowed on COLOURlovers. Some content exists in a gray area of artful nudity. There are members of all ages on this site, so try and be considerate of all of them when posting images that would be considered adult in nature. If they can’t show it on television then there is a good chance it shouldn’t be showed here.

Rights Violations
Again, please err on the side of assuming that another member didn’t have malicious intentions if you come across something that looks like it violates the content rights of another person. On all content created with COLOURlovers we have rights settings that allow for different kinds of usage of that content. We expect all members to respect those rights. If you use content in COLOURlovers creations that are from outside of COLOURlovers, please property credit the source and only use content in the way that it is allowed under it’s license.

If you would like to report a rights violation, please use the contact form and we’ll look into it immediately.

We really don’t like spam. Members caught spamming the site will have their accounts removed and their IPs banned. Spamming can be interpreted as heavily promoting something without adding much value. It’s ok to promote and link to other content on your profile page and in the bio of your creations, but promoting links in comments that provide no contextual value will be flagged as spam. If you really have a hard time figuring out what an appropriate balance is between adding value & promoting… an acceptable ratio would be 100/1. ie, add value 100 times for every time you promote something.

You can report spam comments by clicking the red ! in the top right of any comment block. The team will review the flagged comment immediately.

Multiple Accounts
It is allowed for a single person to have multiple accounts on COLOURlovers so long as those other accounts are not used to game the site or mislead other members. Accounts that look to have suspicious activity will be looked into and possibly closed.

Love Notes
Love Notes are the in-site direct messages on COLOURlovers. You can send a Love Note to any other members directly. While this is a private area of the site, be careful about what information you share in Love Notes as there is no restrictions on the recipient sharing the information publicly.

Personal Disagreements
The world is a big place and we have members from every corner of it. With such a diverse group of people there are sure to be some times when two members simply don’t get along with each other. Until more features get built to help members block/ignore members they disagree with, please simply do your best to ignore other members that upset you. And if a member has respectfully asked you to ignore them and leave them alone, please honor their request.


Does this sound like a good agreement for our community? Does it cover everything that might be confusing about how to participate here in a positive & supportive way?

Author: COLOURlover
My name is Darius A Monsef IV & my friends call me Bub(s)(ba). Chief Lover at COLOURlovers.com / Cofounder of Hands.org Founder, Philanthropist, Designer, Builder & Writer. P.S. I love you.