Wreath the Holiday Season in Colors Galor

More than just a decorative touch, wreaths have existed since the times of the ancient Romans. Before Christianity, pagan rituals of mid-winter often featured a wreath of evergreen with four candles.

The candles were placed in each of the four directions, representing the elements of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Rituals were performed to ensure the continuance of the circle of life.

Elements (TraditionalGerman Advent used for representation)

Some Christians use this idea also. The four candles represent the advent of Christmas and the hope of returning light in the Spring.

Laurel Wreath Crown (Victor) | Gold Wreath Crown (Gold Olive Leaf Crown) | Olympic Gold Medal (1996 Olympic Games

In ancient Greece, olive wreath crowns were awarded to victors in the original Olympic Games. Today, modern Olympic medals often bear the same olive wreath image. These wreaths stood for Victory over challenges.

Poinsetta ( Red and Gold) | Beautiful Nature (Magnolia) | Inspired Nature (Design) | Eucalyptus Love (Sage and Red)

The Christmas wreath has much symbolism attached to it. The shape of the circle has no beginning and no end. This circle could mean the eternal nature of God’s love or the Circle of Life. The use of Evergreen branches suggests victory of life through darkness and challenge. Think of the Greek Victors Crown. Think of the hope that light will come back to the world with the advent of Spring.

Square Wreath (Regal Fruit Sunburst) | Mixed Greenery Wreath (Silver Bird) | Berry and Greenery Wreath (Very Berry Square) | Succulent Wreath (Rich Texture)
Square wreaths are gaining in popularity—perhaps non-traditional, but just as exquisite.
Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath (Beautiful Handmade) | Grinch Ornament Wreath (Grinch) | Oval Ornament Wreath (Metal Funky Stocking) | Silver and Teal Ornament Wreath (Bubbly Holiday Cheer) | Pink, Blue, Lime Green Ornament Wreath (Festive Deco Mesh)

Color and texture are vividly portrayed in these gorgeous ornament wreaths. They domonstrate how wreaths can be meaningful or just plain fun.

Coffee Filter Wreath (Coffee Filter DIY) | Burlap Wreath (Burlap DIY) | Candy Wreath (Candy DIY) | Newpaper & Sweater Wreaths (Upcycled Christmas) | Grapevine (Grapevine Pepperberry) | Tulle Wreath (Tulle)

How did we come to hang wreaths on our doors? Decorative wreaths using different floral arrangements were used anciently to identify different families and houses. Whereas today we use house numbers.

Cardboard or Foamboard (Cardboard) | Newspaper (Newspaper and Tape) | Straw or Long Grass (Save On Crafts) | Styrofoam (Save on Crafts) | Foam Pipe Insulation and Packing Tape (DIY) | Coat Hanger (How To Make a Wreath)

Building your own wreath is a lot of fun! There are a myriad of bases to choose from. If you need inspiration then Etsy and Pinterest are amazing resources.

Paper Cone Wreath (cornerhouseblog DIY) | Paper Star Wreath (littlebirdiesecrets DIY) | Yarn & Felt Wreath (Etsy) | Tie Wreath (bedifferentactnormal

Wreaths are wrought with lore and tradition as well as whimsy and fun. Whether you hang a wreath on the door to welcome visitors, or on the wall to complete your home’s decor, the splash of color on a cold winters day is sure to add a feeling of warmth, building excitement for the coming season.

Author: Rochelle Ford
I love rocks! Especially heart shaped ones that I find in the many adventures I take with my family, exploring the beach, camping at the river, or hiking in the mountains. Gardening is my forte, and almost anything that gets me out of the house and into nature. When I have to be indoors, you will find me knitting or crocheting something for my grandkids while watching a good movie, or doing genealogy and drinking a cup of yerba mate. What brings me the most joy and satisfaction though, is hanging out with my family: my husband, five kids and their spouses, and lovable grandkids.