Four Days of Color with Leatrice Eiseman ~ Win a Full Color Training Scholarship + More!

Four Days of Color with Leatrice Eiseman ~ Win a Full Color Training Scholarship + More!

Understanding color can be a daunting task with many dead ends. Have you ever taken a color theory class only to be left feeling like it didn’t teach you anything to do with applying color in the real world?

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Maybe you have an awesome natural instinct for putting together cohesive palettes or colorizing fabulous patterns perfectly, but why are you so good at it? Validating the why, where and when of color will change your entire outlook on color and what it can do to your personal or professional life.

Color opportunities exist in many industries. Companies need color design expertise to guide them through the many choices they have to make as a successful business. Choices they must make involving color range from advertising, product design, branding and many more. You need credible, verifiable information to back up your decisions as a consultant or designer and you need more than a simple love for color to get you there.

Pictured: Leatrice Eiseman

This is where we introduce “the international color guru”, Leatrice Eiseman - Among many hats, Leatrice is the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Director of the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training, has authored eight books to date and will be heading off 2012 with a Color + Design Training Program in Burbank, California.

Pictured: class setting with Leatrice Eiseman instructing

The training program is an intense four-day program for very motivated individuals who wish to enhance their color skillset for application in the real world. Only 20 participants are accepted to the course which allows for a higher quality of learning. The class covers topics like: Developing your color expertise, The psychology of color, Color facts vs. fiction, The how-toʼs of color forecasting, Future color trends... and much more.

PANTONE® The 20th Century in Color | MORE ALIVE WITH COLOR

Leatrice’s latest book on color, which is a part of the giveaway, is titled, PANTONE® The 20th Century in Color, co-authored with Keith Recker.

Enter the Contest... Share Your Story & Win!

Leatrice is giving away one full scholarship, one partial scholarship and some books (mentioned above). 

1st Place: Full scholarship valued at $1775 + Book + 2x Blog Features
2nd Place: Partial Scholarship valued at $887.50 + Book + 2x Blog Features
5 Runner-ups: Book

In addition to prizes from Leatrice, first and second place winners will share a feature blog post interview on about themselves personally and professionally, expanding on their story submitted. Furthermore, we would like to do a post-interview after the class in January 2012 (posted in February).

Contest will run through Saturday, November 25th, 2011 at 8pm PST Wednesday, November 30th, at 12am PST. The COLOURlovers Team will be the judging panel and choose winners from those that put out their best effort.

Here’s how you earn it:

In the comments - post one of your palettes that identifies with you and your story on how color impacts your life as well as how you would like to use color more, to impact the lives of others. Your story can be anywhere between 50-300 words max (click here for a visual of what 300 words looks like).

In the case that you may not be able to travel/attend the class, you may still win one of the books! If you can, please mention that you are only applying for a book. We would love to hear your story!

This class is January 26th-29th, 2012 in Burbank, California. Travel and accommodation expenses will not be covered by Leatrice. Although an excellent group rate at the hotel is available and the hotel has full kitchens.

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Oh I am going to be so disappointed if I was too late in getting back with my answers on round two selection. Well guess it's time to sinc my iphone with colourlovers announcements ...right? until tomorrow's almost 3 am in Dallas and the color is "after midnight". love note. Sigh. Sob. I am crushed but thankful for the opportunity to have tried. FYI, in case some crazy thing happens and someone can't make it to the seminar, I wanted you to know I can pay for and attend the seminar. Congrats to the winners whoever you may be!

ah! sorry everyone I was having trouble with the final decision so contacted Leatrice for her opinion as well....I also and wanted to be sure I heard back from everyone in the final selection. Some people were trying to confirm they COULD in fact make it, pay for the 2nd price (1/2 scholarship), etc. I wanted to give everyone in the selection round a shot.

I Sincerely apologize. I will have the announcement up this morning. Just give me a second to get my list straight.

I love how dedicated everyone is to this prize and I sure hope we get another spot at her next class to give away. :) I'll do my best to get everyone another chance who did not make it this time around.

- Molly
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This is nice.
Nice one.

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