Rebirth of Neon

Rebirth of Neon

Neon is one of those palettes that often finds itself on the wrong side of the high-brow/low-brow division. Most of us associate the vibrant colors with things like the blinking signage advertising the local bar or fast-food spot, or our favorite "Saved by the Bell" inspired outfit from middle school.

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Neon Flame image #2 | Tronized Beauty image #3 | Superfresh image #1

But neon "throw-back" clothes are back, and just as neon's having a fashion revival on the street, it also has a place in the couture scene.

Take these three projects, which insert the hues for dramatic touches that serve as the centerpiece of the images.

Neon Flames


Neon Flames goes for a black-light effect - the model's neon makeup illuminates the frame, and she "breathes" clouds of neon smoke.



Neon Flames by Ariana Nespiak (Toronto, Canada)


Tronized Beauty

In Tronized Beautya neon laser pen adds a totally unexpected and fascinating element to this fashion editorial.

Trionized Beauty by Ludovic Taillandier (Paris, France)




And the Superfresh window display team, following the client's instructions for a "fresh and futuristic" look, used neon liberally.

Superfresh Store Display by Mateusz Sypien (London, UK)

As artists like these experiment with wild ways to use neon, our "neon experience" can expand beyond the sunglasses and t-shirts we pass on the street, and help us discover more creative uses of this vibrant palette. Who knows - maybe you'll be inspired to start wearing neon makeup like the model above...

What part of the neon comeback have you discovered?

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To the author: Sarah, this is a great article. The artwork is amazing-- particularly Neon Flames. I would love to get in touch with the artist to inquire about using some of their work or commissioning work for my website.

These Works are Sensual and Brilliant. The Fashion " Tronized " Beauty Photos are Stunning!
Wow! I love these colors!
Trust me, in my life, neon never died. :-)
I Totally Agree. I have always dreamed of Basking in Blue Neon Light! Neon touches the Mind like Nothing Else.
Talk about neon... :)
interesante, siempre el neon lo vi de mal gusto, pero ahora...
I've honestly always love black and neon palettes.
wow!! loving that palette!
chasetheabyss wrote:
Talk about neon... :)
Neon Love!!
I am guilty of associating neon with the 80s... Thanks for demonstrating a fresh way to look at the potential of such vivid colors! I will never think of neon the same again. :)
cool! so refreshing!
i love neon!
When I think of Neon, I think of grade school. Neon AND Spandex (now there's a pair!) were quite popular and fluorescent colors had just come out....

My mom usually made us kids a cool birthday outfit that was a surprise the morning of our birthday and we got to wear it to school. She had made me a pair of HOT PINK spandex half-leggings with a tank-top puff-painted with a "9" on it (oh yeah, Puff Paint was also a big thing too) - including wild 80's marks on clothing such as exclamation marks, glittery paint everywhere. I thought it was the coolest thing that hit my closet that year! LOL

oh yeah, and water socks had also come out - those were really cool too. A kid in my 3rd grad class wore a pair every day (to school! lol) along with his awesome black, LIME NEON GREEN and HOT PINK striped shorts. Ohhh... the days....

I loved the first and last artist the best here!
This brings to mind the 70's Era of the Black light and Glow in the Dark Florescent Colors........Cousins of Neon......And Lava Lamps. I did a lot of drawing and painting using Florescent Color.........But it only looked Really Good under the Black light. Memories are Good Things sometimes with Good Vibes......
mollybermea wrote:
When I think of Neon, I think of grade school. Neon AND Spandex (now there's a pair!) were quite popular and fluorescent colors had just come out....

You're only 4 years older than I am but I remember in grade school the exact same thing. I remember my neon pink sneakers and my T-shirt and hat that I decorated with the puff paint and those funky beads that were so cool back then but now seem so tacky. I only wore water socks when we went in the pool or to the beach but I remember those too! I thought the kids who wore them to school were dorky. LOL
Hmmm....Thinking Back a little Further....Cherry Red kidskin Penny Loafers. I Also went through a few pair of White Go Go Boots. High Hair and a lot of Aqua Net! Loved Neon then too ::))
Arina!That's really awesome! I love your picts and the creative ideas! You look very pretty too! Wish u keep it up! Merry X'mas!Neon lover

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