DNA11 + COLOURlovers Palette Contest: Color Your DNA

DNA11 + COLOURlovers Palette Contest: Color Your DNA

Time for a palette contest with a mix of science and art! COLOURlovers has paired up with DNA 11 (dna11.com) to bring you a creative, unique way to further personalize your DNA artwork.

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DNA 11 is the original creator of DNA Art Portraits, Fingerprint Portraits, and Kiss Portraits -- the World’s most personalized art on canvas.

Who knew that you could do such beautiful things with your DNA?!

Turn your palette into beautiful personalized art!

The contest will be open and accept entries for the first phase from Thursday, October 20th through Thursday, October 27th, 2011.

Enter the Contest  |  View the Entries  

Color and submit as many DNA Portrait Templates you would like. Only one (1) of your entries will be eligible for prizes.


The top ten (10) most LOVED entries will go on to further voting through DNA 11. One winner and four runners up will come of the final round of voting.

If one of your entries wins, our friends at DNA 11 will send you your very own, palette-customized, 24 x 36” DNA Portrait and add your winning palette to their line of color options for personalized DNA art.

If you are one of the four runners up, you will receive a $250 DNA 11 Gift Certificate and your palette will also be added to the DNA 11 color collection.

DNA 11 will also publish a blog post with links to the top five COLOURlovers DNA artwork winning creations (winners and runners up).

The Rules Summarized:

  • Each entry must be 2-5 colors
  • Top 10 entries with the most LOVES (as voted by the COLOURlovers community) will become finalists. 1 winner and 4 runners up will be voted from this 10 through DNA 11.
  • Unlimited entries, but only 1 of your entries may be eligible for prizes.
  • First prize: 24x36 DNA Portrait (value $500) plus the winner's palette becomes a permanent part of the DNA 11 collection.
  • Secondary prizes: four runners up receive $250 DNA 11 gift certs. Plus their palettes become a permanent part of the DNA 11 collection.
  • Participation prize: everyone gets a $100 DNA 11 gift certificate.

Just for entering, you will receive $100 gift certificate to use at DNA 11. In addition, you may use a 20% off discount at DNA 11 through November 17th, 2011 whether submitting an entry or not (code and gift certificate are not combinable). 20% OFF Code: Color20

You must be a member of COLOURlovers.com to enter the contest. Sign-up for FREE.

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Yay! These look great! =)
OK - me too then! =D
This would go well in my living room - it's all very white-white.
Remember that it goes on a wall IN BIG - visualize...

Nor Boy Nor Girl
Nor Boy Nor Girl by ycc2106

With my new fav palette ^^'

Wow this contest is a winner! Ppl are creating palettes like mad!
Everybody wants to win!
Are those luminous?

ok so I deleted the above cause it a little too grey..
Now this is mine:

Music In Vein
Music In Vein by ycc2106

hmmm.. maybe I'll start over again
here's mine. i thought that all the hair dye i use has colored my dna by now ;)

atomic dna
atomic dna by sabiko

LOL I hear you xD Mine too!

sabiko wrote:
here's mine. i thought that all the hair dye i use has colored my dna by now ;)

atomic dnaatomic dna by sabikowww.COLOURlovers.com

Love it...Fabulous!!!

OrigamiMei wrote:
This is too much fun

Peace in the Blood
Peace in the Blood by OrigamiMei

I've seen the sight before and have always one to hang on my wall! If those of you old school lovers remember, I used to have a DNA profile photo (similar to these) when I first started off on here!!

Anyway, here's my favorite so far :)

Dog DNA by Miaka

What do you guys think about using existing palettes for this contest?
Ria's DNAIra's DNAUmeko's DNAArkden's DNAElera's DNAEullar's DNAEsin's DNAAlthea's DNAOberon's DNADamla's DNA
Basak's DNAJacinth's DNAPembe's DNALeia's DNASiddiqui's DNAStar Flyer's DNARohita's DNABaqir's DNAHavilah's DNASauda's DNA
Legolas' DNASeptimus' DNAHelle's DNAKiloan's DNABrenam's DNAAkemi's DNAKandi's DNANydia's DNARauha's DNADorian's DNA
There are so cool! I've wanted one for a really long time! ^^ I can't wait to see what people do with these.
Thanks so much :D I'm glad you like it.

Love it...Fabulous!!!

OrigamiMei wrote:
This is too much fun

Peace in the BloodPeace in the Blood by OrigamiMeiwww.COLOURlovers.com

what an awesome contest! <3 here are my entries:

http://www.colourlovers.com/contests/dna11/1813079" sleepy DNA bubblegum DNA Musical DNA


I totally got lost in playing with the colors. Great contest idea!

spry by mooberri

City Lights
City Lights by mooberri

I think U prefer creating a new one. I tried using a palette as you see above - but I deleted it - because my walls are actually very white, so I thought it's either not white or grey enough...

I love the 1st dark blue example where the red clashes with the blue to make other colours. That one is the first option they propose.
btw, I'd wouldn't mind DNA11 scarfs! bed covers... shower curtains! =D

OrigamiMei wrote:
What do you guys think about using existing palettes for this contest?
Wow, what a fantastically unique idea, I'm loving it:)
Everyone who participates gets a $100 gift certif? Seriously?

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