Pretty Paisley Patterns + Paisley Sampler SVGs

Pretty Paisley Patterns + Paisley Sampler SVGs

pais·ley: noun  A distinctive intricate pattern of curved, feather-shaped figures based on a pine-cone design from India. For COLOURlovers, the Paisley is a lovely lace-like motif that can be produced in any measure of design and color scheme. Like fingerprints, not one is the same.

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When I look at the Paisley, I see amoebas, tadpoles and teardrops combined with floral genius.

How often do you see a Paisley? I think it's something we see so often, might pass it by in our every day lives. The history of the Paisley I found quite interesting! Where it came from, what the word Paisley  actually means, or why they call it a Paisley at all...

It is said that Persia is credited as being the first country known to have created boteh designs, known today as Paisleys. It was called a boteh because it looks similar to a stylized floral spray and a Cypress tree cone. Boteh specifically refers to the shape itself.

The name "Paisley" came from a town in Scotland named Paisley. It was in Paisley that the Paisley was manufactured. Through the years, these stylistic shapes were reserved to decorate royalty, crowns, court garments, and textiles used by the general population. During the 1700s-1800s the Paisley was thought to be a protective charm, used to ward off evil demons. While others used the Paisley as a symbol of rebellion.

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In more recent history, Paisleys made a comeback  in the 1960's during the Summer of Love. John Lennon even had a Rolls Royce custom painted with Paisley motifs.

Fender guitars made a Pink Paisley version of their Telecaster guitar by sticking paisley wallpaper onto the guitar's body! In the 1990's Paisleys were utilized in wallpaper, ties, and other apparel.

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Today you can find paisleys in several different forms, clothing, bandannas, paper crafts, tattoos, and home decor to name a few.

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In my search of Paisleys through COLOURlovers creations, Paisley's seem to have become more and more popular. In fact, there have been more than 300 patterns published in the last year!


So What's your take on Paisley?

So what do you think of when you visualize paisley? Handkerchiefs, Lace, Fashionable wear? Curtains, Upholstery, Intricate Indian fabric, Henna Tattoo Art - What era or trend scene do to you associate it with?
Free Paisley Sampler SVG Set from Ray at The Vector Lab:

For the entire month of September (2011), Ray is giving COLOURlovers a freebie Paisley Sampler to use together or mix it up with your own artwork. Files come as .EPS & .SVGs. The SVG's are nice if you don't have illustration software, you can still use them in Seamless Studio by importing them directly (as they are already converted to SVG format).

Coupon: CL-TVL-PS

Also, if you download the set, we'd love to see what you do with it, please post the badges here in the comments. 

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THANKS MOLLY, for posting my patterns with great sunmeadows template.
This is one Kalindy did that is great too.


This is a palette from the IFRC Random Color play today. The California poppy
Okay I attempted my first Paisley Template!!!!

Very Basic! :)




I'm working on my first paisley design, thanks for sharing
I love this blog, too, and I love paisleys. I'm glad that we're getting more and more paisley-esque pattern templates to play with.

For what it's worth, I would also like to see Seamless Lite get a couple of basic paisley shapes. They are difficult and time consuming to make, and I'm usually not completely happy with my final shape anyway.

One other suggestion for future Seamless Lite - it might be nice to have a line option that's made up of dots - like the dashed line, only with circles.

Thanks for using a couple of my patterns in this article. It's really fun to see them here.

Thanks, also, to glindathegoodwitch for posting my newest paisley pattern here. I just wanted to note that I used some of the elements from The Vector Lab's free Paisley Vector Pack in making this design.

How do we order the free paisley sampler? I clicked on the link to order, put in the coupon code, but it was still going to charge me for the purchase. Help anyone?
You just need to be a registered member of the vector lab. Register and retry and you should be good to go. :)

Feel free to love note me if you need further help. - molly

feistymeister wrote:
How do we order the free paisley sampler? I clicked on the link to order, put in the coupon code, but it was still going to charge me for the purchase. Help anyone?
Great work and interaction everyone! I've kinda been MIA on this post this week and wow! I'm blow away at the creativity and discussions are inspiring! :) Glad you enjoyed! xo m.


Love ~
Viewforum and only love, which was
Super cool !!!

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