Printing with Patterns: Three Key Points + $75 Giveaway from Next Day Flyers

Printing with Patterns: Three Key Points + $75 Giveaway from Next Day Flyers

Using patterns in print design can really punch up a project. It's nothing new, but I'd like to point out a few different variations you might see as key benefits.

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Single Use Design Pieces

Simplify a project by using patterns. In this design, the abstract pattern with the perfect color palette, truly resembles a feel for the arts. It doesn't restrict the design to a certain type of art where the festival might cover anything from painting, sculpting, fiber arts and more. Using an artistically geared pattern keeps that visual open.

Print Magazine's, Color in Design Awards (2011) / Poster Design by Dave Whitley

Coordinating Design Pieces

Using patterns in coordinating print projects can easily lend a hand in matching sets of items such as wedding invitations which usually contain a main element, the invitation - plus response cards, enclosure cards, save the date cards and thank you cards. Not to mention possibly following through with the design on wedding day programs, seat placement cards, etc.

autumn textile by

Reusable & Customizable Design Pieces

When working with products you want buyers to customize, simple two-color patterns make it easy to do so. This makes it a snap for you to go in and adjust the pattern palette before shipping a digital file or physical product off to a client.

Tea Invitation by FLIPAWOO (customizable pattern invitations)

No matter what type of print project you have, these are a few benefits to using patterns to speed up your design or business process, not to mention a great way to add a ton of interest in your work.

Using COLOURlovers Patterns in your designs...

Here at COLOURlovers you can download an .SVG file of your pattern designs as long as you were the original Pattern Template creator. Additionally, if you have Seamless Studio, you can export designs as: .SVG, .JPG or .PNG to be able to use in other graphics software for design.

The Giveaway - How to Earn Your $75

This is a random giveaway picked from those who leave a comment. You have two choices:

Link to and place an image of a project you have designed with patterns. This can be from a yesterday or today, real or fake and must be a complete looking project. Does it fall under one of the three examples above?


Link to and place an image of a print piece or pieces (such as a wedding invitation set) you adore and think is a prime example of one of the above three examples.

In addition, I'd love to know why you like using patterns in your design or why you like seeing patterns in design.

Entries will be collected through Sunday, August 28th, 2011 (by midnight PST). 

Next Day Flyers, the postcard printing specialists will be providing gift a credit of $75 to the randomly selected winner!


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@zenana ADORABLE Bday card!
@PinkSodaPop love the cloud cards! :)
i'll try to submit an entry! :D
I would use my template-pattern for a Baby shower invitation, a welcome Baby card,
a baby's giftt card and also for an one year invitation party.
@Any Palacios love this pattern! I love how the dress is so subtle like it's a little flower. I'm gonna go color a copy right now! :) Would make an adorable matching baby set too!

@jdrost is that your own work?! (doesn't matter for this contest, just curious). GORGEOUS! Love the orange, grey and white together. Love the combinations of patterns - all similar, but different. Great submission.

@keeru love all the subtle patterns and textures in your work. very nice! I like the tag/cloth look a lot, really organic. Great job!
Hey everyone, just a note: the clock on the post looks a little off. it's telling me two hours left and we have a whole day left in the Western Hemisphere here.... so just keep in mind, "Entries will be collected through Sunday, August 28th, 2011 (by midnight PST / OREGON, USA)."

thanks! @fae you still have a bit o time! ;)
love this
Congrats to Jdrost! You've won the $75 for Next Day Flyers! I'll be sending you a Love Note with instructions. :)

- Molly
Community Curator / Blog Editor

awesome @anonymuse !
Really love it.

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