Bright Colors + Interesting Arrangements = Cheaper Wedding Flowers

Bright Colors + Interesting Arrangements = Cheaper Wedding Flowers

Weddings are expensive.  How many times have you heard you ask yourself "HOW much is/are...(insert photography, flowers, invites, food, etc)...going to cost?!"  So it is no wonder the most popular question I get asked is, "How do I save money on my wedding flowers and still have a beautiful event?" My two favorite answers to that question are, use high impact colors and interesting details.

Compare this lovely bouquet I designed a couple of years ago in shades of white:

 Photo by Sarah Maren


To this bouquet I designed for a Fall wedding with high impact oranges and reds:

Photo by Kight Photographers

Both bouquets are gorgeous, to be sure.  But which bouquet leaves a lasting impression?  Which bouquet would make you stop and take a second look?
Using flowers in bright colors designed in eye catching combinations means you can use less flowers and arrangements to make an impact at your event.

How About Centerpieces?

Compare this centerpiece I designed in light blue, fresh green and white for a Springtime wedding reception:

Photo by Kirsty Edwards

To this centerpiece I designed in hot pink, lime green and bright orange for an early Summer wedding reception:

Mucho Caliente!  The second centerpiece added so much to the overall impression of the room.  The colors popped off the ivory tablecloths and gave a festive feel to event.

I designed this classic and traditional arrangement for a wedding reception that took place at a country club in the Spring:

Photo by Allison Stahl


This centerpiece was designed for the same country club setting for a Summer wedding:


Both centerpieces decorated the tables nicely.  But if you were a guest at both weddings, which centerpiece would leave a lasting impression in your mind?

Memorable Impressions

Interesting flowers, details, textures and patterns will also add visual excitement to your floral designs.  Anytime you add unexpected elements you will leave a memorable impression on your guests.

This bouquet is different and fun because of the flower and ribbon choices.  Just the perfect bouquet for the outdoor wedding at a rustic barn for which it was designed.

The centerpiece at this wedding was a large candle surrounded by a ring of Seckle pears and glittered mini- pumpkins.  Adding the glitter to the pumpkins upped the novelty factor of this Fall centerpiece.

Photo by True Love Photo


Using moss pomanders accented with flowers, wire and ribbon made for a different but fun centerpiece.

Using succulents in wedding flowers has been a trend for the last couple of years.  I love this look for a couple of reasons.  It is a great way to add some unexpected elements to the floral designs and the succulents make a lasting keepsake.  After the wedding they can be planted!

Photo by A Day in Your Life Photography

Here is a centerpiece I designed using purple succulents:

Photo by The Memory Journalists

Have fun with your flowers and wedding decor.  Add color, add texture and some crazy decorative elements.  Your guests will love you for it and so will your budget!

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Thums up for you both girls! This was a great post and very inspiring!
Thanks Molly & Shannon!
caori wrote:
Thums up for you both girls! This was a great post and very inspiring!
Thanks Molly & Shannon!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the post!
The bouquet with the poppies is just delightful!
I love this post soo much <3 <3 <3

The idea for the succulents is genius! They have such rich purples and greens. Great palette.

I also LOVE the mini glitter pumpkins. That centerpiece is so gorgeous! Amazing ideas.
Beautiful FLOWERS!! Some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever laid eyes upon! THANK YOU for posting this, this blog has given me so much inspiration for my very own wedding. This blog and this site: -(look for justin and amanda, specifically) have the most amazing,creative, and beautiful wedding flowers! thanks again! I will be sharing this with my friends :)
Gorgeous. The first one is my favorite. Clare |

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