How Are You Inspired? Here's Mine For Wedding Photography

How Are You Inspired? Here's Mine For Wedding Photography

As a photographer, I'm constantly scanning magazines, the web, other artist's work, etc for inspiration for upcoming sessions & weddings. I've found that if I don't stay on top of things this way, it's easy to fall behind in trends. Brides are constantly looking at wedding blogs and magazines and as a huge part of their big day, I need to be "in the know" about what they're seeing, what's influencing them and ultimately, what they want. On top of these sources, it's easy to get those creative juices flowing with other avenues as well; A movie's cinematography may inspire my lighting choices, a store window may give me a prop idea or a badge on the COLOURlovers website may sway me in a color palette for my session.

For example, I love these particular palettes:


The first one makes me think of a romantic engagement session... very natural, blush tones, something dewey and fresh with a little pop of color (the blue) maybe in the sky, some flowers or an unexpected place like socks. The second would be great for a bridal session... super girly, soft and feminine.

In my office I keep an inspiration board with papers, photos and notes that I look at for inspiration or encouragement. You want a peak at it? Okay, okay. Here's what it looks like:

Yes, so it's not all wedding inspiration. That is a napkin note from my father in law in the top right corner and yes, that's a photo of my mom in the 70's in the bottom left... but really this board is full of stuff that makes me happy.

Speaking of what makes me happy... I'm currently completely obsessed with this pattern right now.


Ah! love. Okay, back to the inspiration board...

Poses, lighting, colors, edits, props... there are a million different reasons something makes it up here. (Okay, well maybe not a million, but you get the picture - no pun intended). I'm sure if you're a bride you have a whole inspiration board of your own. You know that SO many details go into this one day. It's your photographers job to notice those details and capture them, hopefully in a way that makes you smile. Now it's your turn. What inspires you?

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Fiona, super cool! Reminds me of when the matrix came out and everyone loved their no-sides glasses. Interested to see what you come up with.

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