ColorSchemer Touch: Overview & Giveaway

ColorSchemer Touch: Overview & Giveaway

Many of you know about our COLOURlovers iPhone App - ColorSchemer Touch, but do you know all you can do with it? I wanted to do a quick highlight of all it's features, so let's get down to it!

At this point in development, ColorSchemer Touch allows you to do the following:

Peruse COLOURlovers current Palette Creations... tapping once on a palette will bring you to the Palette information.

Palette Information includes author, loves, views, comments, rank and when it was created along with the colors used.

Full Screen - To get a bigger and more beautiful show all this palette has to offer, just tap on it (again in the information screen) and it will expand full screen. WOW!

Color information includes the COLOURlovers original titles as the default display.

Just tap once over the color area to display the Hex Values for each color, tap again to see the RGB values and another tap brings you back to the original titles.

Creating Palettes in So Many Ways!

There are so many cool tools for creating your own palettes!

  • - Use the standard color wheel
  • - Play around with LiveSchemes (which may need it's very own post to cover how cool it is)
  • - Use PhotoSchemer to grab colors from photos you have on your iPhone (or take a new photo).
  • - Or use the Spectrum

And Yes, you can make palettes with varying widths!

When you're done making a palette, why not share it?!

I'll end with answering some questions that might or have already come up...

  • - Yes, we're hoping to develop an Android version at some point in the future.
  • - Yes, eventually it will have more COLOURlovers site features on it (such as perusing patterns!).
Do you have additional questions? Feel free to ask!

The Grand Giveaway!

WeI'd like to give away FIVE copies of ColorSchemer Touch! Tell us how you would use the app if you had a copy and how much you dearly want it. :)

If you already own it, please feel free to let us know how you use it!

You have until Friday, July 22nd, 2011. Entries will stop at 1pm (USA PST).

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Palettes used in this tutorial:

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I would LOVE this app. I would use it for choosing fibers to blend for spinning well as for choosing color schemes for my fair isle knitting projects.
I would love to catalog all of my recycled paint.Then come up with color pallets that I can use to create my recycled art without contributing to the landfill or new purchasing paint. Woo! Hoo!
I would completely use this app for all my freelancing work. I use this site already so much for that very reason, the app would be completely fantastic and sooo helpful!

Not to mention, once my husband and I have a house, I can absolutely use the app to help decide on paint swatches and decorating palettes!

Being a graphic designer & artist am always experimenting with new colour palettes and I would LOVE to have on hand all the time whenever an idea pops up. Also, the ability to share it with my clients is a mega plus.
I'm diggin this. May have to try and get my "fingers" on this!
I know exactly where I'll be using this app. I'm a sophomore Art student majoring in Advertising. As of the moment we're dealing with a lot of computer graphics. Knowing, choosing colors for my works is a breeze because of that I always get to produce quality artwork. That being said, I can easily kick ass using those rad colors. Even higher years wouldn't believe it's my work. If I'll be able to get ColorSchemer touch, it'll be like a portable ass-kicker device!
I just discovered this website and have been like a child in a candy store! I would use this app to feed my Colourlovers addiction (and as an indispensable tool for my new web design freelance work :-)
I have the beta version and I love it. My favorite is the photoschemer. I've used it to create palettes to test schemes for decorating my new house, or if I see something awesome that I just have to share with my CL friends. I do wish the photo would be automatically attached to the palette. And I wish I had the widths feature.
Another suggestion would be to be able to save palettes off-line with the option for uploading them later, for when there's no wifi available.
Oh, and naming colors! When I make a palette with unnamed colors, I'm not given the option to name them. Is that a feature in the full version?
That pig is pretty
I am a creative director and I would use this app to help my team and I brainstorm color options from package designs to brand refreshes. It's inspiration at your fingertips! You can do a lot of the experimenting right there, then have a set place to go when you get on the computer. A lot more fun and way more efficient. (Holy cow. Did I say fun and efficient in the same sentence?) ([email protected])
I would use it to post my synesthetic moments - like last night I had wine and the aftertaste was like deep royal purple velvet. It's really hard to put it into words, so colours help A LOT. This app would be amazing for people like me to convey to the world what we feel and what we think.

In any case: ColourLovers is one of my favourite sites for everything colour! :D
I would LOVE this app! I'm just about to move into my first home (with my colour-blind boyfriend), and I would use it to plan all my colour schemes for every room!
I would use this everytime I make invitations or menus for parties or weddings. I think it would be amazing to use. I hope I get one.
I too have just discovered colour lovers & absolutely love it!!! No doubt I'd absolutely love using the app, too. I'd use this app for so many different things - picking out coloured themes for my artwork, for my photos, cards, journal and so on. I could also use this for my work - designing educational software for kids from kindergarten up. It would be a
great way to collaborate with clients showing off palettes. But most of all I would use this for sheer pleasure. I love just messing with colours & patterns. I cant wait for the app to incorporate patterns as well.
If i had a copy of the colorschemer touch, wow my use will almost be endless, since i am an Architect/Interior Designer by profession, Photographer by passion and graphic designer by interest, i would always find a use for the app whenever and wherever i am, (even in the crap pot!! He He hEEE)

i would use it for my color schemes on architecture projects, interior projects, for upholstery and fabric selection, my photoshoot schems, collaborate with my makeup and fashion designer friends, Graphic design schemes, and just for the pure color fun!

God should have said,
Let there be color!!! right after day and night!

Let the color revolution begin!!
Let the color Tsunami wash over us!
Oh, somehow I missed this app! Ooh eye candy! I would love to use this to come up with new color schemes for my mixed media collages.
I am teaching fashion and colour at university in South Korea. It would be very useful tool to me and my students!! We could play with colours in a joyable way if you give this amazing app! :)
I'm an interior designer so I would use it to create palettes and share them with my clients. I would also encourage my clients to get the app themselves, play with color schemes and show me what makes them tick. I think that it would make clients more daring in their color preferences.
I would learn from it.
I am a Quilter & fiber art mixed media nut. This would be so cool to use for figuring out colors to see what works together in wild ways! I think it would help avoid those times where I create something I think is going to be awesome....and it's not because the colors aren't quite right.
If I had a copy I'll use it mainly for finding color schemes for web designs conveniently through the app while working on the computer, this would just be largely helpful for me, as it would help improve my productivity by at least 20% - or I may just overcalculate - and just wanted it that excruciatingly. Nah, but, really. really. yeah.
I would use this app for everything from school work to making friends birthday cards! I LOVE colourlovers. It makes me so proud to see how far this community has come. Congratulations on your new app and the seamless pattern software (awesomeness!!). Please please let me be a winner??
Winners - Make sure you check your Love Notes! Don't worry everyone else, we'll be doing more giveaways soon! :D

ColorSchemer App Winners
I create logos and everyday, I play with colors ! But it's true that nothing can be better than a good tool to go faster and better. It's clear, I really need ColorSchemer Touch !

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