Wedding Color Trend: Yellow & Gray

Wedding Color Trend: Yellow & Gray

Both yellow and gray- together and separate- have been big trends in wedding colors lately, and they're definitely going to stay that way for a long while! I love yellow because it pairs beautifully with so many other colors, which is perfect because it can be used for plenty of different wedding styles!

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Yellow paired with gray can either be incredibly chic & modern, rustic & whimsical, or of course, anything in between. The two colors are so interchangeable depending on the details, location, and accent colors involved.

Chic & Modern

A nice collection from a modern, chic yellow and gray wedding that was featured on Every Last Detail ( / photographed by Stephanie Williams Photography.

See the full wedding {here} on Every Last Detail

Rustic & Whimsical

And here are some rustic and whimsical yellow and gray wedding shots, photographed by Simply Bloom Photography.

See the full wedding {here} on Every Last Detail

I've created a Yellow and Gray Weddings Group so we can all collaborate on the possibilities of palettes! Go ahead and add your own version of a color palette for a yellow and gray wedding! Let's see what you've got! :) I'll be doing a lot more posts on wedding color trends, how to use colors in weddings, and also wedding planning tips and advice, so keep an eye out for my posts!

Palettes with either Yellow, Gray or both...

Both colors go amazingly with other accent colors too! Here are just a few examples...




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Loved the post! Thanks!
Fab inspiration! I adore grey and yellow weddings!
Lovely yellow and grey combo, especially in the flowers!
I love the yellow and gray combination, and I love the idea that they be used in weddings, since the combination is both cheery and elegant. I'm also flabbergasted that two of my palettes were featured in this post!
Really love the yellow and grey combination. Great inspiration for a weeding we're doing in a couple of months!
Very Lovely! :)
Here's one of my an old palettes that's kinda sorta close to a gray & yellow wedding color scheme:
i love it..
yeah..i guess so...
YELLOW !!!! :)

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