Seamless Studio Design Tutorial: Nine West Contest Feature

Seamless Studio Design Tutorial: Nine West Contest Feature

With the release of Seamless Studio BETA, there have been some fantastic creations submitted. We're pretty excited to see designs become more and more intriguing with the new features this enhancement of the original seamless pattern maker allows.

An opportunity popped up for us to showcase how you can use Seamless Studio as an amazing design tool for things outside of I'll be using a real-world design contest for some Nine West totes - hosted by talenthouse.

The idea is pretty basic, which is perfect for this tutorial. We are going to apply a pattern from Seamless Studio (BETA) to the Nine West Tote Template PDF.

You will need:

  1. Latest Release of Seamless Studio (BETA)
  2. Photoshop (I'm using CS5)
  3. Nine West PDF Tote Template - Downloadable Files: 9W Tote Template (PDF)

Make sure you read the contest Guidelines - the design should reflect a theme of 'Spring Summer'.


  1. From Seamless Studio, export your pattern as a JPG or PNG.


  1. Open the exported file in Photoshop.
  2. Make it a Pattern (Edit > Define Pattern...)


Now let's apply this to the template file. Open the PDF you downloaded if it isn't open already. Here's where you can get completely technical or keep it simple. I like simple.

I chose to simply use the Wand Tool, make selections of each area I wanted different, and use the Paint Bucket to drop in my pattern or color on to a NEW LAYER for each section.

Voila! My finished product ready to save as a JPG and upload to the contest.


Pattern size Tip

Your Seamless Studio canvas will default at 200 x 200 pixels, which allows you to upload to You have the capability of changing the size to suite your needs on a project like this.

For example, I didn't like how small the pattern was when I originally used it at the 200 x 200 size, so I enlarged my canvas to 600 x 600 - which then meant I needed to enlarge the graphic I originally laid out.

Here are three swatches on one tote to compare sizes between: 200x200, 600x600 and 1,000x1,000:


I've put together an additional video tutorial that basically goes over these steps with a little more detail on using Photoshop (Wand Tool and Layers). Excuse my rambling. :D

Seamless Studio Deisgn Tutorial: Pattern in PS

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mollybermea wrote:
We'll be throwing our own contests here as well using similar design concepts. :) stay tuned! m.

@ycc2106 fantastic! and no problem. :) I was wondering why you were being so rude. lol typo's are a crackup sometimes.
Please reply, um...
I have both Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, so I design flowers in Illustrator, but how do I transport it to Seamless Studio???
Love Nine West Bag.

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