Popular Business Books & Their Color Designs

Books, besides being nice to look at, offer us a way to keep up with the ever changing industries that we are a part of. In the long format of a book authors have time to fully explain and relate their ideas in a way that allows readers to completely understand concepts, unlike the guessing or fill-in-the-blanks game we often have to play in to understand many message from the short format blog post or tweet. Books give the readers time to think about how their own knowledge and ideas fit or collide with that of the authors, and whether or not the information contained in the book is really worth the cover price or if it is merely a pride piece by some ego. This happens often, especially  now with the low cost, no-hassel publishing that we have now-a-days.



We’ve all seen plenty of books that fall on both sides: useful or useless, but there have been some popular titles that many people swear by, and going by the numbers, have certainly had an impact on today’s business minds.  These are some of those books. We could start way back with The Wealth of Nations, but instead we’ll highlight a few recent additions to the expanding library of business knowledge. We’ll also take a look at their color design, as we like to do. So, if you’re looking for a new read, need to catch up in the business world or are just looking for some color and design inspiration, here you go.

There’s not much going on in the design department for these covers. Besides The World is Flat and ReWork, they all have pretty straight forward type treatments of their titles and that’s about it. Looking at the color we can see that red wins out a little when it comes to business books.









The books were selected from recommendations by Business school professors (2) on Businessweek and the best sellers in the Small Business & Entrepreneurship on Amazon.

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