Seamless Studio Beta: Help Us Test It

Very exciting! – We’ve been working hard on a much-improved desktop version of the Seamless pattern-maker called Seamless Studio. Sponsored members of the community have been helping us test the beta and now we’re opening up the beta to everybody else! We’d love your thoughts and feedback on the new app.

Download the Seamless Studio Beta Here:

Here’s some of the stuff we think you’ll love in the new Seamless Studio:
* Save and open your templates as you’re working on them
* Build your own custom shape libraries
* Import external shapes
* Upload templates directly to COLOURlovers
* Preview your COLOURlovers template in color
* Create patterns with unlimited colors
* Design on custom canvas sizes

Documentation and help sections for things like “Understanding the Interface”, “Document Modes”, “Custom Shapes” & more can be found here: Seamless Studio Documentation & Help

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*A Note on Importing Shapes with Seamless Studio*

With how talented our members are, it’s hard to know when they used their amazing talents to create a custom shape.. or when they imported a vector shape from another source.

It’s ok to import shapes from other creators when you have the appropriate permissions to do so. Please do not upload pattern templates that include imported shapes / images that are copyrighted. If you use shapes that are licensed with a creative common license, please link the source in the description. Unattributed pattern templates that include copyrighted content will be removed.

*How To Help Us Beta Test*

Once you’ve had a chance to play with the app, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Just copy and paste the text below into a love note to COLOURlover or email to [email protected] and send it along with your thoughts:

Seamless Studio Beta Feedback
Your name:

Your occupation:

Operating Systems tested:

Seamless Studio Feedback:
* Describe any problems encountered during installation:

* Describe your initial impressions of Seamless Studio:

* What features/tools, if any, did you find to be confusing or difficult to use?

* What new features do you like most about Seamless Studio?

* What do you think could be improved?

* Describe any problems or bugs encountered while testing Seamless Studio:

* Would you recommend Seamless Studio to a friend? Why or why not?

* What are the first 3 words that pop into your head when you think of Seamless Studio?

* How often do you use Seamless Studio?

* What other software programs do you use on a regular basis?

* Please describe any additional comments regarding Seamless Studio:

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