FlorisDesign: Broadening & Practicing Your Creative Skills

Floris Voorveld of FlorisDesign, is one of my new favorite artists in the freelance designers world. I originally discovered his work on logopond.com and became fascinated with his take on practicing creativity. Floris grew up in the Netherlands but currently resides in Spain. He creates some really nice, minimal designs.

Don’t hate Design Contests, use them to your advantage…

Something that Floris does stood out to me. Being a designer myself over the past ten years, I have witnessed the flood of design contests online. This is a subject of strong opinion going both ways. Some designers feel that it can take value away from the proper design process and hard work, it cheapens the industry, etc. I think more and more designers are learning to see some value to the fact that the contests exist and are not going away any time in this millennium.

Floris has a great view about these contests on this blog post, Logo Contests. Part of what I want to re-state is third party by way of Floris stating from another source, but I like his thoughts on the topic.

“if you pay peanuts you get monkeys”

…although most of the time that is true, it’s not always like that. The problem is that people who pay peanuts don’t know squat about monkeys. They wouldn’t know a good logo if it would hit them in the face, that’s the problem. – thoughts from Floris on Logo Contests

Ultimately, view design contests as a means to slim out the clients who really have no idea what good design will cost, what a good design is or how to handle the creative process of design. So really, the contests are doing you, the designer, a favor.

Floris actually uses these contests to give his creative side a little jiggle. There is something to be said here. If the contests are not going to go away, use them to your advantage. Here, Floris says he will peruse the design brief’s for something that might strike his creative whim and go for it. Simply to practice.

This can be really practical at any level of design and gives you as a designer, practice for not only translating design briefs, but a non-commitment to delve in to your wild side. Not focusing on the actual contest or winning is key here. Other than a contest deadline, you don’t have the pressure of a real client expecting something from you.

Tips to Stimulate Your Creative Thinking

I snagged this excerpt from Floris’ blog – posted back in May 2010. 11 Creativity Tips

11 Tips from FlorisDesign to Stimulate Creative Thinking

  • Tip #1: A good way to get creative is to assume a question has always got two right answers. Important is not to look it up but think of the second yourself.
  • Tip #2: The metaphor is a great expedient to come up with something new. If you’re stuck try to find one to freshen your perception.
  • Tip #3: Be revolutionary and break with the rules, especially the ones that determine your normal day to day activities.
  • Tip #4: Make sure you’re not ‘in love’ with certain ideas. If you use the same idea or system often you won’t be able to see the benefits of other approaches anymore.
  • Tip #5: Be a magician. Ask yourself ‘if’ questions and use the provoking answers as a stepping stone to new ideas.
  • Tip #6: Let the ambiguity of the world work in your benefit. Look at those ambiguities and think of ways to extend them.
  • Tip #7: Make sure you have a strong ‘risk mussle’. Everyone has one but you have to train it. Be sure to take a risk once every 24 hours.
  • Tip #8: If you make a mistake use it in your benefit, it may just be a stepping stone to new ideas.
  • Tip #9: Don’t be too busy so you don’t have any time for ‘ideahunting’. Make time in your schedule for hunting ideas, that can be just a walk through the park.
  • Tip #10: Make yourself try new things and build of those new findings. The creative person has confidence these ideas will lead to something good.
  • Tip #11: Remember that people who think they don’t see creative often suppress their creativity and are stuck in their thinking patterns. People that do think creative let their mind run free and give attention to even the slightest ideas even if they don’t know it will lead to something.

A peek at the creative side of FlorisDesigns…

The simplicity behind Floris’ finished projects are amazing. I enjoy looking through his portfolio and reading about each client, the reasons behind the design presented and branding mockups and sometimes he shows some of the other design options that eventually turned in to the final.





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