The New Grand Vision for COLOURlovers: Grays

Probably one of the most common criticisms we hear at COLOURlovers is “OMG, there are just so many wonderful colors to love!!!” and in an effort to help you find the perfect colors, we’re making it easier by limiting the number of colors from 16 Million to 256 Shades of Gray. Don’t worry though, there are still tens of thousands of combinations of grays that can be made into awesome palettes.

Helpful New Color Wheel

The below color wheel will help you use the new COLOURlovers site with all its wonderful gray colors.

Gray: A Huge Energy Saver

As a growing company we also have to think about costs… and displaying 16 Million colors cost a lot more money than displaying 256 shades of gray. With the huge amount of savings we’ll make, we’ll be able to hire more developers to build some awesome new features we have planned, like 1 color palettes. If you didn’t know… the way computer screens make colors is to add light. And light is color.

One of the key arguments in favor of black screens is a 2002 research study produced by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory entitled “Energy Use and Power Levels in New Monitors and Personal Computers.” The report indicates that “a given monitor requires more power to display a white (or light) screen than a black (or dark) screen.” Indeed, that study reports that black screens consistently require less energy than white screens, regardless of whether the monitor is a CRT or LCD.

Some Gray Inspiration to Get Your Going

So, now that you know why Grays are so awesome. Here is some inspiration to help you usher in the new and very grayful COLOURlovers!

+Sky in Portland Oregon+

+Old Mustache & Beard+

+Elephant Butt+

Let Us Know What You Think

For some really weird reason, you might not love the idea of COLOURlovers without any color… if that’s the case you can click here to turn off our little April Fools joke :)

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