Angélica Xavier ~ Colouring Her Student's Lives

Angélica Xavier ~ Colouring Her Student's Lives

One of our Woman’s History Month spotlights has fallen on Angélica Lanzini Xavier (COLOURlovers user: angelicallxx), an Influential Woman of Today who lives and teaches in the Guarapuava, State of Paraná, Brazil. She is a graduate of music with a post graduate degree in Teaching Methodology of Art. Now a teacher of the State Education Network, she is leading the next generation toward a more colourful future with her innovative teaching methods and passion for art in all its forms.

This is no small task. With 14 classes and as many as 30 students per class with ages ranging from 11 to 17 years old, Angélica has her work cut out for her. To top it off, her curriculum includes a mix of visual arts, music, theatre, and dance, plus art history. Angélica tries to cover a bit of each genre, while also seeking the most effective method of deliverance for her students.

In an effort to combine art theory with hands-on experience, she turned to COLOURlovers as a teaching tool. As Angélica says,

“I decided to add the COLOURlovers in my classes after I read about the creation of the site as a pedagogical tool, and saw something that would be viable, interesting and a new evaluation tool.”

A very excited class headed to the computer lab for their first introduction to Angélica had each class start by creating personal profiles and then moved on to either patterns or palettes, depending on the class being taught. “English is also something we have learned,” she says, and has students use Google Translate to decipher unknown English words on the site. This is not a perfect system by any means, but “it is what serves our needs more quickly,” she explains.

[update 2011/03/18: this photo was removed per parent request]


Angélica sees a lot of potential in using COLOURlovers in the future. “I intend to explore all that is possible on the site. For example with colors: hot, cold, neutral shades of the same color,” she says. “I'll have to read more about COLOURlovers to see what more I can add.” She also believes in working with figure and background first, and then perspective, before designing the pattern.

Angélica truly seeks to inspire her students to think outside the box and realize the limitless possibilities this world has to offer through color and a little imagination.

A peek at Angélica's work...

Fim_de_outono Iluminar_e_aquecer



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That's what I'm talking about!!!

Go Angélica !!!

This is fantastic, Angelica ^_^ Congratulations!
Thank you Angelica for giving love to the children of the world!!!!
Looove the article and congrats to Angelica!!!
Wow! Congrats Angelica!! Well done! :D
Parabéns Angelica, que orgulho!
Você merece.
Thank you my friends! I'm very glad you appreciate my work!! :D
Congratulations Angelicallxx! I was talking with someone about you recently and learned more about what you do. I think teachers are tremendous!

Hi Angelica ♥

This is awesome!! I'm so proud of you LoL
I enjoyed reading this article & am amazed how
you can use your skills as a teacher to bring
this colorful world into the class room! I bet
the kids love it & look forward to color student
patterns!! Keep me posted on them.

Hugs A Bunches,
Tammy xx
ps. I sooooo wanna colour palette your scarf !! hahaha
é nois que tá
é nois que ta
nois que tá
Congrats Angelica !
i am 17 now and i wish you were my teacher ( though my arts teacher is a good one and i love her :))
I myself really enjoy my time using and i believe a student can enjoy it too since its through the computer on the first place, one thing that every kid likes, and it's all about painting its not like ur using it for scientific studying or so .. loved ur work ! xoxo
wow...this is an inspiration for me...
thank you and congatulations!!!

more love and peace through color!
ira e nois que ta
é nós que tá uhasuhsauhsa
resolvi entrar no clima :P
parabéns, Angélica *--*
porque será que todo professor de artes é legal, hein?? rsrs
Thank you!! >:D

ちょわ もさ wrote:

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