Chromatic: The Crossroads Between Color and Music

Chromatic: The Crossroads Between Color and Music

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The details are out about the latest book from ALARM PRESS, and i'm thrilled to be sharing them with all you color lovers, but to insure this book makes it to print we need to show a little love before April 8th, 2011 and pre-order or select one of the other support options on the project's KICKSTARTER page.

At nearly 400 pages of full-color artwork and editorial, Chromatic: The Crossroads of Color and Music, is a dynamic print presentation of independent musicians and artists who are using or exploring color in unorthodox ways. Packed with vibrant images and colorful perspectives, the book includes content on: musical synesthesia, audible color: the proposed mathematical correlation between color and pitch, psychedelic color and music, timbre, blue notes, the chromatic scale, concept albums based on color, performers who use color to add to their stage presence, polychromatic cover art, bands photographed in their favorite colors, wild illustrations of musical notes translated into hues to create elaborate geometric works of art, and if that wasn't enough, there is a chapter with guest editors Seripop, the eccentric Montreal based printing and design duo. What filters through, with the help of the high aesthetic standards of ALARM PRESS, is the line where color, music, art and design meet, and ultimately how the experience of color and music is unique for each of us.

Sneak Peak | Chromatic: The Crossroads of Color and Music

Help spread the color love and get Chromatic to print.

ALARM Press needs your help to release Chromatic as the striking print publication that it was intended to be. By supporting us with one of the Kickstarter options, you’re not only getting one of the most unique and colorful music books of the year; you’re supporting both independent publishing and independent music and art, two areas that are vital to our culture and society.

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i've gotten a peak at what they've put together and i'm quite excited for it. the topic has so much depth. my only note would be to add a COLOURlovers chapter next time ;) with a look at all the people, musicians, artists, or not, who create color inspired by music and vis versa. not a chapter about COLOURlovers but about the groups and people who do work on here. 2nd edition!?!

plus, the people at ALARM PRESS are really great, which doesn't hurt. pretensions sometimes run high in the art and design world but there's something about those Chicagoans... i'm a bit biased, since i know more Chicagoans than non-Chicagoans, but i've still got some experience to compare. there is a lot of hard work going on for little else than love and watching your project be completed.

...and all that for $25. with all this crowd sourced, internet supported, independent publishing going on, it makes you realize how not-cool traditional publishing can be.
I'm going to see what I can do to support! :D And Evad, I would LOVE to see Colourlovers in there, too. Being a Chicagoan going to Columbia College Chicago, I'm all for it!
Nice article.

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