On Top of Color: Holton Rower's 'Pour' Series

On Top of Color: Holton Rower's 'Pour' Series

Holton Rower pours paint over a custom "canvas" of boxes and panels, one color on top of the other. The result is somewhat psychedelic but this kinetic-process created work is anything but one-dimensional.

Tall Paintings | Film by Dave Kaufman







Finished Pieces from 'Pour'

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Very awesomely wonderful!
Wow!! Amazing!!
MEGA_LOVE the idea & the results!!!

love! relove!
@albenaj nice!
i can't get enought)))
i saw this video. very very cool. it looks expensive. i wonder what kind of paint he uses.
lizcrimson wrote:
i saw this video. very very cool. it looks expensive. i wonder what kind of paint he uses.

my thoughts exactly. Now I want to go try it.
super cool!
this is beautiful!
I have always loved the effect you get when paint sort of runs into each other..this is sublime, really fantastic! ♥♥
Again, love it, love it!
my palette:
how clever is this!??!!! so inspirational, tnx**
This is similar to something I used to do as a kid. I'd melt crayons with a candle and let the colors drip onto a standing toothpick. Too bad I never thought to go "full scale".
This is awe inspiring. The beauty of these creations are astounding. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
pretty cool

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