Interior Design Trends: White and Silver

Interior Design Trends: White and Silver

There is so much to color. They can affect our mood, we attach associations they all have associations and meanings. it is all so very intriguing.  So far, this winter has been a very odd one, with all of the snow storms every week and just the strange events that have been occurring. I also have to say that I have lost a loved one last week, so to help brighten the mood and help bring on a soothing effect, it seems white and silver are appropriate. Surrounding yourself with fresh crisp white a nice sparkly silver can be quiet soothing. What do white and silver do for you?

ottoman · ring holder · pendant · mirror · cup and saucer · votive · clock · chair

room 1, 2

Winter_White_Out Cat_like_a_soft_owl

Moonwind_Unicorn Fall_into_Puddles

air_conditioner_fins Looking_for_Ghosts

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