Interior Design Trends: Orange and Silver

Interior Design Trends: Orange and Silver

Over here in my neck of the woods it has been snowing every week it seems. I love snow, but too much is just well, too much. With too much of these dreary and freezing cold days, it only seemed fitting that a combination of a warm color paired with a cool color would be pretty interesting.

The colors that were chosen were orange and silver. How often do you see that pair? Honestly, I can't say that it is a common pairing around here. So, to add a little bit of warmth, orange and silver it is. The two would seem ideal when used around the warmer months such as spring and summer, but I think it would be great any time of year. What are your thoughts on these colors?

flowers ·  mirror · monkey · chair · lamp · pillow

room 1, 2

Circular_Staircase Orange_Gray_scale

Orange_Gray sunday_in_the_city

Orange_Crush orange_gray_web

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Beautifull notes of colour with healing emotion and value in space!
Beautiful concept
I love orange! =)
Gordie's is so much better than mine ... but I was playing a game: CSL - had some restrictions
Mind if I compare here?


Anyone here have one similar?
One of my favourite combinations.
me encanta!!!
Orange & silver is a great combination! Currently my living room is black-white-silver themed but I want to add a dash of orange to it. I've purchased a nice wall painting in orange-black combination. Anyone have any ideas how best to incorporate it into my living room?

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