Living Color by Alan Parr – Philosophy

This is a section from Triiibes‘ ‘Color and Form’, a freely distributed eBook available to view and download on Scribd or here.

How beautifully leaves grow old. Their last days are a dazzling show of light and color. They rejoice in their true hues, uncovered at last. If we knew that we had more past than future, would we show our true colors?

The things we mean to say are put on hold; we listen to our internal muzak until just the right moment presents itself and more likely we blink and miss it. When all our mind’s lines are currently busy, those colorful words that reveal our true identity – words of humility, of joy, of sorrow – those words are never allowed to see the light of day. We pretend to reveal our opinions, coloring our politics red or blue. But, to be fair, these are really only surrogates for black and white. There’s more to us than that, isn’t there? Why do we conserve our emotions, horde our ideas, stash our wants and desires in the far flung corners of ourselves? Those little crocks of gold are landmarks of happiness we one day hope to unearth. Yet nothing stays the same, colors change. When will the time be right?

There is not a color in this world – sky, flower, earth – that is not here to enrich our lives. Living color; rich and deep. The natural world is free with its emotions, holding nothing back. It’s all out there, all of it, beautifully expressed in the vibrant language of color. But we tend to shy away from what is going on in the larger world around us. In the drabness of our beige offices and khakis, we insist that we are not part of that primitive display. We hold ourselves back, veiling our true colors. Why?

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