Save the Pink Bathrooms!

Would a pink bathroom make you happy? Well that is what the New York Times article quoted Nancy Burns as saying about her vintage pink bathroom that she spared while renovating her 1959 split level home. So how did this mid-century love, and subsequent design trend, for pink house fixtures come about you may ask? The answer is simply the late former first lady Mamie Eisenhower.

Mamie had such a taste for the color pink that she wore a dress covered in 2,000 pink rhinestones to the presidential inauguration, had a bathroom covered in pink down to the cotton balls and even redecorated the White House in pink which coined it the moniker “Pink Palace”.

“Mamie Pink” or “First Lady Pink”, as it became known, was a popular color trend in the 1950ʼs amongst bathroom and kitchen fixtures as well as other notable post war era colours such as turquoise, chartreuse and candy apple red. The influx of colour into the home was said to show the exuberance of the time, and demonstrate support to the return of women to the home after WWII and their complete remaking of the American domestic landscape. Little did they know that times would be a changinʼ again with the 1960ʼs around the corner!

Unfortunately, as trends come and go- so did the love for colorful bathrooms. We thus now resort to renovating those beloved post-war bathroom gems into, most likely, solid white with a splash of colour. However, Pam Kueber (of Retro Renovation) has a different idea in mind. About a year ago Pam developed a website dedicated to the preservation of pink bathrooms called SaveThePinkBathrooms, or as her mantra states:

Of course, pink bathrooms are emblematic — we love vintage yellow, blue, green, beige, peach, salmon, lavendar and grey bathrooms, too.

Pam hopes that through her website and members pledges that these vintage bathrooms can be saved and cherished! Did you know that pink is actually a great colour for bathrooms because the reflected glow makes you look younger and healthier? Check out some other fun facts about pink bathrooms on SaveThePinkBathrooms as well as a slew of pink bathrooms photos collected from pink bathroom lovers around the world on Flickr. So maybe if you have a pink bathroom -or any other colour for that matter- you will reconsider that rehab job youʼve been thinking about…


Did you know that pink is actually a great colour for bathrooms because the reflected glow makes you look younger and healthier?


Pink Bathrooms in the library


Hop_out_of_Shower shower_in_pink

pink_bathroom fifties_bathroom

Pink_Raspberry 70s_bathroom

bathroom_sickness Polka_Dot_Bathroom

GranMa_Bathroom Hall_Bathroom

bathroom bathroom_steam

Positively_Pink Bathroom_Pink

Bathroom_Pink grandmas_bath_rug

Images from Save the Pink Bathrooms Flickr group.

Author: gwennielane
Gwen Harley is an interior designer who spent several years designing corporate interiors for a major firm but recently decided to go it alone as a freelancer in search of new opportunities and inspiration. With a keen interest in multiple facets of design, she loves interior spaces that approach design holistically, and is always on the lookout for interior trends that are fresh, colourful, innovative and unique.