Fabulous New Patterns – December 2010

This is only a small selection of liddle_r’s December 2010 collection (browse them all), and includes recently created pattern templates as well a few patterns that have been around for awhile but deserve some love.

We are all so so impressed with the pattern designs that folks are creating with Seamless!

I’ve been collecting new fabulous patterns (templates) each month. Have a look at some of the great new patterns created in December 2010 and add your recent pattern designs in the comments.

Original Pattern By: mostlyabsent

old_school_cafe So_Different

USB_Key_Camp Vintage_Retro

Original Pattern By: mostlyabsent

takemefaraway juicy_fruit

Fine_floral_folklore organise_better

Original Pattern By: ycc2106

autumn_rain biotherm

assume_the_dye Invisible_World

Original Pattern By: ycc2106

60mirò to_the_s_t_a_r_s...

Joyful_night ThanksCareywinkle

Original Pattern By: Lerner

Tunnel_Of_Love a_bit_baroque

Greco Applinas_Joy

Original Pattern By: ambu1959

ITE sun_eaters

Semi_Nova chenille_stars

Original Pattern By: Speradora

Sweet_Home Coldwater_Catalog

nobudy Night_Night

Original Pattern By: rosyblossom

Agreeable Flakes

snow_again_tomorrow♥ vintage_play

Original Pattern By: Colorpie Patterns

Hearts_Hares How_did_this_happen

Thank_You._Really. Happy_babies

Original Pattern By: Northern Dancer

Happy_Mesh Freak4Color_Mesh

Alligator_skin *future_mesh*

Original Pattern By: Highwireart

Internet_Astronaut Merry_Merry_Darius

Supreme_E-LOVE Thank_You_For_CL

Original Pattern By: UPtimist

Starring_Contest Never_Fear

Encrypted_[RC133] cool_floor_on_skin

Original Pattern By: UPtimist

obafireworks winter

night_sky_palette Softly_Twinkles

Original Pattern By: marlin

SINister following_my_dream

IFRC_pattern Pink_brown

Original Pattern By: ycc2106

Santorini wood_tiles

floor_mosaic Noel

Original Pattern By: ycc2106

Sky_Passage Free_Flight

R_E_A_L_I_T_Y_. Fallen_Star

Original Pattern By: miss bea heyvin

Emotion_in_the_Ocean stage_design

Friendly_Nibblers In_the_Netherlands

Original Pattern By: praxicalidocious

The_Very_Next_Day Her_Own_Mind

Play_2_2_5 The_Third_Sign

Original Pattern By: ycc2106

Unlimited Redouble

grab_the_m_o_o_n Rhythms_[t]

Original Pattern By: ycc2106

sea_waves boh_[t]

Santas_Helpers_! French_Kisses

Original Pattern By: saxarocks

It´s_among_us High_Enough

colourfull the_end_of_the_world

Original Pattern By: ceeceedoll

Frosty_Flakes Star_Struck

winter_ornaments No_Two_Are_Alike

Original Pattern By: Northern Dancer

Loco-still elsa

wander_world On_the_half_shell

Original Pattern By: sunmeadow

can_you_believe_it Extremely_fluffy

Minty_motif pretty_in_pink

Original Pattern By: Colorpie Patterns

Daisy_Flake Parcel

Mademoiselle MCSA_310

Original Pattern By: niagirl

Fundamentals Ufos

Dire_Straights successors

Original Pattern By: coelhol

X gato

Cossed_Out_:D DEC_25_10

Original Pattern By: TwoSouth

Like_Everybody Alien_Pizza_Party

NewYr’s_knick-knacks new_years_night

Original Pattern By: coelhol

more niewiemczypanidobrze

Smell_That_Ventage Apple_V2_I

Original Pattern By: omentum


blooze_buttons Circus_Freak

Original Pattern By: sunmeadow

Cupcake_plates buy_your_girl_shoes

Ice_Mosaic jewels_under_ashes

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Author: liddle_r
Rachel is a painter, animator, designer and sometimes coder completely in love with colourlovers.