A COLOURlover’s Pattern is Famous in NYC

When we launched Seamless last year, we knew you creative folks would make some awesome stuff with it. And we’re stoked to share that not only are we COLOURlovers getting to enjoy your work… This past November, the city of New York was enjoying one of our patterns too!

Designed by praxicalidocious with Seamless, and brought to life at epic size by a senior designer at MetLife, the design was made as a thank you message from MetLife to New Yorkers and stretched an entire city block at 20+ feet tall. The pattern was on display in the heart of the city, facing the famous Bryant Park, home of New York Fashion Week for 17 years.

We don’t yet have a marketplace functionality here at COLOURlovers, but seeing one of our very own members license her pattern for a commercial market rate was very exciting. The day you’re able to make a decent living just from COLOURloving is going to be one of the best days of my life. We’re working hard to make this day come really soon.

A Colorful Street Side View:

Some of Your Wonderful Variations:


Author: COLOURlover
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