Cocktail Colors Seen Through the Microscope

Cocktail Colors Seen Through the Microscope

Photographs of cocktails through the microscope... Mixing up our perspective on our favorite cocktails, the photomicrography work of Michael Davidson shows different types of liquor and mixed drinks magnified over 1,000 times. His work has found a place in the "bar art" world selling prints through the company BevShots, and thanks to @spigumus and this Daily Mail article we find some interesting color compositions.

BevShot images are made by first crystallizing the drink of choice on a lab slide. Using a standard light microscope with a camera attached, the light source is polarized and passed through the crystal. This creates the colors we see featured.












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These are so beautiful and unique. I especially love "vodka". Great post!
wow! some of them looks like glass, wood, rocks, metals and feathers!! i love this!
beautiful!!! Wow!! So beautifuuuuuuuuuuul!
Now that I've seen this my cocktails will be even tastier than before!
Thanks for sharing this =)
Wow... these are really cool.
For any electromicroscopy fans here- try and don't forget to look at the Amino Acids, and DNA... Nature makes some incredible patterns!
To see more of these images or purchase any of these prints, visit
Thank you for sharing. This is spectacularly inspiring!
These images are magnetic - I can't stop looking.
great post! amazing photos!




سالها ان كانت تعرف ماكانت تفعله امواج البحربين صخور كالصوان قالت ان البحر ياتي ويذهب فقط اختر المكان قال شكلنا بيوتا قالت فعل الله الاكثر صنع البحر صنع الارض صنع الناس سالته مما تصنع بيتا ....سكت فقالت مما خلق الله جعل فينا الروح وجعلنا الناس التى تاخد الروح تاخدها موتا تاخدها حبا تاخدها وتعيش عليها علها تجد الله في باقي الناس ...ضحك بصوت مسموع حتى التفت كل الناس من الجوار قالت هل عرف الناس في المقهى المجاور ا ننا هنا نظر اليها وهو يقول ليتا التقبنا قبل ان اموت لكنا الان معا قالت عد الى الحياة في اى انسان تراه وخدني

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