Print Trends: White Fungus Magazine

Print Trends: White Fungus Magazine

White Fungus is an experimental arts magazine based in Taichung City, Taiwan. Featuring writing on art, music, history and politics, plus original artworks, poetry, fiction and comics, White Fungus is an ongoing experiment in community media art. As the spores have been released its creators look forward to seeing which way the wind blows. The only thing more uncertain than its future is its past.

白木耳雜誌 是一本發源於台中的當代前衛藝術雜誌, 內容詳細介紹了關於來自世界各地的前衛音樂 、歷史、 政治、 原創作品、 詩、 短篇小說 與漫畫。白木耳雜誌本身既是一個社群媒體藝術的實驗過程。當這些實驗性的孢子逐漸成熟而散落,雜誌創刊者十分期待風會將這些孢子傳遞至何方,但關於未來,一切則充滿了新的生機與各種可能性。











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Nice!! I first thought they were old! =P
.. and that's what'll make them stand out in a shop. =)
Really awesome. Good color variations in every example!
Awesome post as always!!

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