102 Fabulous New Patterns Created in November 2010

We are all so so impressed with the pattern designs that folks are creating with Seamless!

I’ve been collecting new fabulous patterns (templates) each month. Have a look at some of the great new patterns created in November 2010 and add your recent pattern designs in the comments.

Freyja seawards

2010_Fall_Into_Retro 100_ninedays

With_♥oi Ardghal

Polka_Dippin_Dots Southern_Fall

kelp. deep_in_the_sky

Vintage_Cake sadsdfsd

infrared_love control2_also

cool Kindness_Is_Cruelty

Signs Swany_Lite

Connectics Les_indiennes

no_song Allegro

Circus_Fantastico Keep_that_in_mint

Habit_Rabbit Delicate_Feelings

Retro_Beads Alphanumeric_VoiceII

Conceptual_Intensity Funky_Monkey

The_RootToop_by_Jack paper_chains.

Cirque_du_Soleil Lauren

Ornate_Copper A_Beautiful_Pool

Bulldogs_Look Red_and_yellow

Im_honored_kind_sir Its_Late

Blue_bathroom_tiles bolas2

At_choice Bubblicious_Dream

Playful Lacy

pass_the_reefer snow_storm

DOTS!! Sainte-Chappelle

Paths No_Woman_No_Cry

Amnesia Heal_Me

Buckminster_Fuller close_friend

70s_wall_paper ninedays

pequeños_secretos James_Fish

oeanographics the_bird_escaped

Pink_Geography Blue_Symphony

Bird_of_Paradise Arabesque

the_fun_never_ends tablecloth

Hey_its_Misc._2 cherry_cherry

AllsFairInLustAndWar Dizzy

believe_in_anything for_my_twitter

Life_of_the_party dark_river

hm Buildings

Gem_Flowers Scant_Color

Oil_Spill Dizziness

to_cenedrae_:) 2_in_1

watch_me_burn* A_Night_at_the_Opera

Bold_as_You_Please get_lost

Ack!_My_eyes! feel_your_heartbeat

Feels_like_a_Dream gulab_jamun

globes Igniting_SPLONK!

light_in_the_night jewel2

la_vérité_des_autres Neko

Darkroom feeling_happy!

Cable_TV Dancing_Fairies

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Author: liddle_r
Rachel is a painter, animator, designer and sometimes coder completely in love with colourlovers.