Postcards From Mars: Inspiration from the Red Planet

Postcards From Mars: Inspiration from the Red Planet

NASA's mobile robots Spirit & Opportunity have been exploring Mars for six years now, 25 times longer than predicted. Due to the extended life of the robots the photographic team, headed by Jim Bell, has had more time to capture the Martian landscapes with lighting, framing, color, depth of focus in mind. To date, the robots have sent back over 250,000 photos. Some of which have been selected for Jim Bell's recent book Postcards From Mars, which contains over 150 full-color-process prints.


Martian_mountain Martian_makeup

Martian_rock Martian_material


False Color

Three of the images above are false color, which according to NASA's website "makes some differences between materials easier to see. (The images) combine three separate exposures taken through filters admitting wavelengths of 750 nanometers, 530 nanometers and 430 nanometers."

In Other Galactic Color News

The solar flare eruption, recently captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, stretches hundreds of thousands of miles across the south side of the Sun, nearly twice the distance from earth to the moon. The flare appears darker against the sun because it is much cooler than the corona and can have effects here on earth. - Daily Mail

Images from NASA

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