COLOURlovers in Your Pocket: Our Official iPhone App is Out!

COLOURlovers in Your Pocket: Our Official iPhone App is Out!

Put the over 1.4 million color palettes from in your pocket with ColorSchemer Touch.  With our new iPhone/iPod Touch app you can create and share the color love from anywhere with signal.  The endless stream of palettes makes it fun and easy to explore fellow COLOURlovers' creations and interact with them by loving their work.

And with palette creation tools inspired from our ColorSchemer desktop software, you can make a beautiful palette whenever inspiration strikes.

Available on the App Store ...for the price of a latte (only $2.99) you can take the entire community with you.


Browse palettes Search palettes

Browse 1+ Million Community Created Color Palettes

Connect to the COLOURlovers community to browse through over a million member-created color palettes, with hundreds more being added every day.

Search for the Perfect Palette

Tap out a few keywords ("ocean", "sunset", "spring") to find exactly the mood or theme you're looking for, right at your fingertips.


Palette details Palette comments

Connect with the COLOURlovers Community

Share the love to let others know how much you like their work, or bookmark your favorite palettes so you'll always be able to find them later.

Comment from Your Perspective

Get social! Share your thoughts on your favorite palettes, or get feedback from the community on your own creations.


PhotoSchemer: palettes from photos Color wheel

Pull Color Palettes from Photos

Create unique palettes from your camera or photo library, and capture the colors in the world around you.

Spin the Color Wheel

Visualize color harmonies and relationships on the built-in pocket color wheel. You can even tap the wheel to watch it spin like a real-life artist color wheel.


Go Beyond the Color Wheel with LiveSchemes

Use the LiveSchemes tool to rotate color palettes with a quick tap, all while maintaining their harmony relationships.


Sync palettes Share palettes

Sync Your Palettes with COLOURlovers

Automatically sync your palettes with your free COLOURlovers account, so you'll have them wherever you go, or on the web.

Share Palettes with Others

Email your favorite palettes to friends and co-workers, or save them right to your camera roll.

Have You Downloaded the App? If you have and want to help us share the COLOURlove with the rest of the app world, please give us a review. Thanks!

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promptly downloaded. so excited to use it in action! :)
Discovered Colourlovers through the app (via Tech Crunch) and I'm loving the app and the community. I wish the app had variable speed scrubbing when using sliders to select RGB values... I find it hard to select an exact value in the current implementation. Also, I can't name new colors through the app as far as I can tell. Those are only minor nitpicks though... I'm in love!
Welcome! Thanks for the feedback on the sliders... This is very much v1 of the app and we plan on adding a lot more too it (like naming colors in app). Happy COLOURloving!
I cant believe your giving it away so cheap.
Would be cool taking that shopping and getting just the right color.
This could be a decorators dream..
imagine rocking up to a clients place and pulling out the phone to show them exactly what we have in mind..
oo and you can email the pallet!!!
Sweet! I have not been very happy with other Color Apps yet, so I'm excited to use this one, since I love the site so much! :)
i had been waiting for it for so long... promptly purchased, thanks!
Any chance this is going to be released for Android? Just wondering. :D
For android, please!
I would totally buy it.
+1 android
eeeeeeeeeeeeee zomg!! <3
Android users envious shed tears of blood: )
GENIUS!! The best £1.79 I've ever spent!!
Please develop an android app too!
I think it should be free for a limited time!
yes im with phill and the other above please come out with a DROID version ASAP!
Android app or the terrorists win.
I'm interested in an android version also!
Why no Android Love Colour Love. :(
Give me Android or give me death!
Would this work on an iPad?
+1 android please T_T
Android please! Pretty please? Pretty, pretty, pretty please! I'd be more than willing to beta test.
One more for Android!
is there any width-changing functionality?
gibbygirl wrote:
is there any width-changing functionality?

Not yet. But it's high on our list of features that will be coming in a future update.
+1 for ANDROID please!!!!
android pretty please...with sugar on top??
I just downloaded it... I'm so excited!! Colourlovers is my favorite site. This should be amazing. Glad "santa" brought me an iphone for Christmas!!!
android +1

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