Inspiration: 36 Christmas Tree Greens

Inspiration: 36 Christmas Tree Greens

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Much pleasure thine COLOR can'st give me... So much so that there are over 200 Christmas tree colors in the COLOURlovers Library. Below you will find common varieties of trees used in North America & Europe as "Christmas trees," and colors extracted from, or inspired by, them.


Grand_Fir Grand_Fir


Stone_pine Stone_pine

Silver_Fir silver_fir

Norway_Spruce Norway_Spruce

scots_pine scotch_pine

imho White_Fir

Serbian_Spruce Serbian_Spruce

Douglas_Fir douglas_fir

Balsam_Fir Balsam_Fir

Norfolk_Island_Pine Norfolk_Island_Pine

pinyon_pine Pinyon_Pine


Red_Fir Not_Red

Fraser_Fir Fraser_Fir

jeffery omg

Swiss_Pine Swiss_Pine

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Wow! I didn't know there were so many kinds... come to think of it, there should be. I had just never thought about it!
gorgeous greens!! :D
thanks for posting
Never thought of that many greens. Really amazing ....
Stone pine and noble fir - like the most.
I had seen these to colors at the Marriott hotel downtown - lobby Christmas decorations.
Looks so great that eventually I had to spent night on my first date at the hotel and become memorable and very arranging for our vacation to Paris to enjoy New-years eve
Thanks for posting this for the color coordinated challenged group such as myself :-)

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