My Daily Color Palette by Jacobo Zanella

My Daily Color Palette by Jacobo Zanella

Wake up; brush your teeth; put on clothes; color analyze your outfit. Do that for 365 days and your right where Jacobo Zanella is, with a whole lotta visual info about your color habits and a really awesome project.

For 'My Daily Color Palette' Zanella "observes the colors of the shoes and clothes he wears that day, how much skin is exposed, etc., and reproduces those observations digitally, through RGB combinations." You can follow along with 'My Daily Color Palette' at Behance, Flickr & on his blog.

From project info:

Why do you do it? | Just for fun. I started this project as a leisure activity and as a visual experiment. I didn’t expect it to reach an audience because of its very personal nature. As months went by and I got familiar with the documentation process, I also became much more observant than before. I had no idea hue changes were so visible and cyclical.

Thanks to Jude Stewart at Imprint for the link.

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