Interior Design Trends: Red & Gray

Interior Design Trends: Red & Gray

Red is a complex and very intriguing color. It is often associated with boldness, pain, blood, anger and danger. Though these negative associations are contrasted by many opposing associations. The one that stands out the most would have to be love.

Red affects my mood, as do all colors, of course, but red the most.  I've noticed that when I wear or am surrounded by red, it gives me a boost of energy, confidence and puts me in such a cheerful mood!

Gray is one of those colors that looks good with just about any color it is paired with– a huge neutral for me. The versatility that the color gray possesses is truly impressive, which is why i chose today to pair it with the lovely and daring color red.

pendant · glasses · art · napkin holder · vases · spreaders · plate · cloth · curtain

room 1 · 2

red_gray Gunboat

red_gray red_gray_light_lime

Red_Gray red_gray_2

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Olan, another red fan here! I love the ways you've shown red with gray!

Some find red too startling for room design but gray can both complement and mute the red just a little for those prefer a more subtle palette. Of course, the right combination also makes red pop from gray. Just beautiful!

BTW, the chest in Room 1 is stunning.

And, funcolors, your "Transportive Palettes" red/gray concept is great!
I am a big fan of red! I like how the grey tones it down a little without taking too much away from it. Beautiful!

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