Interior Design Trends: Gray and White

When someone thinks of ‘colorful’ most of the time gray and white are not the colors that come to mind. The twosome are dull, yet calming. What I like most about gray is that it’s a neutral, and when another color is added it always livens it up. As for white, it also meshes well with other tones just as gray. Gray and white together radiate a serene ambiance. Being that gray and white have calming and relaxing qualities, they work well in bedrooms and powder rooms. What do you think about gray and white? Is it calming to you or just plain boring?


room 1 & 2

escher_stairs Folded_Paper_Origami

doormat Alone_@_the_Airport

black_white_gray Black_White

Author: Olan
Olan provides design consultations and is a proud mother of three who effectively manages both family and business life. She graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree in interior design and truly loves what she does, her remarkable work ethic and dedication are a clear indication of that.