Does Music Inspire Color? Definitely, Yes!

With color groups dedicated to individual artist(s), styles (genres) and the overall auditory experience that is music, it’s easy to see that music does inspire color. Browse the community to see what music looks like in color, and share your palettes in one of the ongoing music discussions in the forum or in the comments below.

steam_from_the_cup Coffee_Cigarettes

Glittering_Cloud Pocketful_o_Sunshine

AnyColorYouLike Transatlanticism


For_you_I_will Killed_in_a_Dream

Karmas_Payment Never_to_come_back

Baddest_Little_Thing My_♥_skips_a_beat

cinnamon_girl is_th_life_on_mars

g-l-o-r-i-a the_secret_chord

star_wearing_purple Pretty_Hate_Machine

Ghosts_I–IV Long_Way_Home

the_turnip_waltz a_ton_etoile

The_Way_I_Am It_Could_Be_Sweet

IsYourMindinHiding The_Song_of_Nothing

Gabriel Boys_Dont_Cry..

naked_as_we_came coffee

benniethe_j_e_t_s Broken_Social_System

Joydrop Hey_Mozart_Baby

machine_gun goodbye_blue_sky

can_you_hear_me EverydayIsLikeSunday

the_bad_seeds blind_melon

Nics_Groove Tenor

Amaging_grace Boss_Nova

Smile_-_笑_- Feeling_Sinister

hold_your_mitten Like_A_Lighthouse

glacially Mauriat_Toccata

damn_youre_free breath_fogged_glass

Any_more_than_me buena_buena...

paranoid_android i_m_a_g_i_n_e

fina_stampa que_será_será...

cannonball_1 cannonball_2

blowers_daughter blowers_daughter_4

raimunda_volver philip_glass(ed)

parting_words southwest_sun

Largo_Al_Factotum b_e_c_a_u_s_e_*

t_i_m_e_t_o_g_o_* Not_about_love

Criminal Wrecking_myself.

Author: evad
David Sommers has been loving color as COLOURlovers' Blog Editor-in-Chief for the past two years. When he's not neck deep in a rainbow he's loving other things with The Post Family (, a Chicago-based art blog, artist collective & gallery.