Inspiration - Vintage VW Split-window Logo Buses

Inspiration - Vintage VW Split-window Logo Buses

It seems that long before Red Bull, Radio Stations and unknown hip-hop artists started visually polluting our streets with promotional vehicle wraps, Volkswagen was were already driving down a similar road, but one that was designed quite a bit better. In fact, it was a big enough part of VW's business that they produced dealer books to showcase this very promotional tool. Today we get a look at some fantastic scans from a VW spilt-window logo bus dealer book.

Found at CarType and generously collected and shared by VintageBus, here for our color inspiration are Vintage VW Spit-window logo buses. You can see the complete book (60 pages total) at CarType, and even more inspiration can be found at what is probably the best VW bus resource on the web, VintageBus.

VintageBus.Com is your final stop in your search for split-window VW buses on the web. These pages are devoted exclusively to Volkswagen buses built from 1949 to 1967, otherwise known as split-window bus, splittie, split, microbus, micro, transporter, bulli, samba and transporters. Here you will find lots of pictures and information specially tailored for Volkswagen Type II enthusiasts. You will also find the most comprehensive barndoor bus site anywhere. The best VW bus site on the web since 1995!

CarType! : A website featuring a comprehensive collection of emblems, car company histories, logos, reviews of typographical & graphical applications, design features and just about anything that is car related.

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Awesome, this is my dream car!
Out of those samples only a few were tastefully done.... the Coca-Cola, G.M. Reüb and Seidensticker are my favorites. :)

Love V-DUB.
I love the beige and green striped bus, with the red dot logo. I can't make out the company name. Anybody know?
So sad that the VW Bulli in its present form no longer has this flair.
Ahhh!!!!! LOve all!
Ah, my favourite VW bus :) My dad had one, long time ago

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