Inspiration: Ira fox's Colorful Pop Vegetables

Inspiration: Ira fox's Colorful Pop Vegetables

Saturated, bold, spicy and delicious, Ira fox's Still Life series jumps right off the screen and into your next palette...?

"A Photographer, culinary expert, musician, performer and native New Yorkers, Ira Fox is a Renaissance man. Social realist, a true talent for composition, his images make strong statements."

Ira_Fox_:_Onions Ira_Fox_:_Pumpkin

Ira_Fox_:_Peppers Ira_Fox_:_Lettuce

Ira_Fox_:_Beets Ira_Fox_:_Eggplant

Ira_Fox_:_Pumpkin Ira_Fox_:_grass

Ira_Fox_:_Zucchini Ira_Fox_:_big_pepper

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I'm thinking cabbage, but it's not important.
these are really, really cool.
Cool & Innovative.

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