What’s Crafty on Etsy This Week: Colorful Handbags

On the whole, Etsy is a kind of gloriously overwhelming experience. Every time I go look at it to get this column started, I find myself wanting to buy a dozen things before I even surf past the first page. It really is a website you need a guide to. This week, we thought we’d bring you the best of homemade handbags from Etsy’s selection, proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look infinitely chic on a day around the town.


A simple structure with a bright pop of color always works. Etsy seller BadKitty Hawaii makes these from high quality Japanese cotton fabric, lines them by hand, and adds a magnetic snap closure so your stuff doesn’t leak out onto the floor. Even better, the bags come in a variety of colors and styles, so if yellow and blue isn’t your thing, you can likely find something that is. Oh, and there are wristlets and clutches too, and the shop accepts custom orders.


Speaking of wristlet bags, ModDiva makes some of my very favorites — and I can vouch for their quality because I own one! You also order cosmetic bags, larger purses, pillows and cell phone cases from their shop in a ton of different prints. These pieces would make excellent gifts for bridesmaids, as they are very affordable, and the artist uses fabrics from well-known designers such as Marimekko‘s Erja Hirvi.


Sometimes, I’m not quite in the mood for a busy pattern though — something understated with a splash of color on it works just as well. These wristlets from Noonew are pretty precious and come in a variety of colors and patterns, but the pretty flower is a staple on almost all the designs. The price is right too, as you could buy several of these and still have spent considerably less than you would at a department store. And make sure to check out the whimsical totes as well. That’s the beauty of Etsy and supporting the craft community!


Ladies like to go to yoga these days (and men as well — there are always a few guys in my classes), and it’s a great thing — your body loves all that stretching, and I can’t deny I walk out of classes feeling more at peace than when I entered. Like everything else, though, it’s fun to be fashionable, and a handmade yoga mat bag from Impromptu Designs could turn a few heads. The designer uses lightweight cotton fabrics from names such as Amy Butler, Alexander Henry, Michael Miller, Kaffe Fassett, and Joel Dewburry, and patterns are fantastic.  Tote bags and eye pillows are available in the shop as well.


Just looking at a bag like this makes me kind of happy. All it needs is a plain black dress, or a white button down and a pair of jeans, and it would make either of those simple ensembles look impossibly chic. I think I have to have it! Etsy user CharmDesign (originally from Japan) makes really lovely items, from large bags to small items such as this. Created from sturdy twill and cotton canvas imported from Japan, these pieces have a lovely, kimono-like feel to them.

Time to get dressed up and go out on the town with one of these classy handbags! We hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup … see you next week!

Colette has written for a number of video game websites including Gamasutra, Kotaku, and Destructoid and co-hosted one hundred episodes of gaming podcast RetroforceGo! She also founded her own collectible toy culture blog in 2008, Tomopop.com, which has since served the needs of over 2 million plastic-obsessed readers.