Wearing COLOURlovers’ Favorite Colors

Here at COLOURlovers, it’s easy to be spoiled by the millions of colors we have available at our fingertips. We can create colors, palettes and patterns to fit our every mood, meet every whim–you know where I’m going with this.

A well-stocked closet can further that creativity in everyday life. When you have bold colors and prints at the ready you can layer them up, mixing patterns, piling hues or opting for a single bright piece against a monochromatic look. But the basics aren’t to be discounted in any scenario; a white shirt, black pants, a little black dress, a good brown belt, well-fitting denim and a pair of trim chinos are staples that form the foundation–and in some cases, the entirety–of any good wardrobe.

But members here probably already know that, which explains why COLOURlovers’ top colors are all strong, solid basics. Putting them into play here are members of Flickr’s wardrobe_remix street fashion community.


ninjascience‘s classic black is CL’s most-loved and most-followed color. It’s a crisp essential the fashion world loves, too, and the reasons are many: It’s stark and striking at the same time, it creates a strong line, it’s a clean backdrop for accessories and detail, and, you know, it’s slimming.

[Jemibook; mssarabeth]

ashley_sex_bob-omb OOKAMI2

spongebob Disrespectful


Allsort checked

Crrrazy!!!11 beware_of_mouse

[mysolitaryconsignment; renr]

Cows_With_Guns pink_slip

naekay Sophisticated_Baby

camel spider

CL’s most-viewed color, edesigned‘s “camel spider,” instantly reminds me of the traditional Burberry trench coat, a piece the house remakes year after year in both its classic and updated forms. The beauty of this color, as with the trench coat, is its mutability–it’s a neutral that pairs well with virtually any color and every other neutral, and it can be as straightforward or as modern as you’d like it to be.

[songsandfairytales; pineapplemint]

Under_the_sky most_wiewed_colours

celestial_knowledge braided


Insectarium faunae

Day_68 Mochanilla_Razz

[fancytreehouse; DailyFashionBoost]

most_viewed_colors Kitchen

Spider_in_your_pants temps_des_assassins

“Now or never”

Like camel spider, peony‘s “Now or never,” the CL color with the most comments , is a soft, warm neutral. Its dusty tone is a favorite in the fashion blogger world, I’d guess because it, too, bridges the gap between popular vintage florals and tough, edgy boots.

[verhext; LuluLetty]

55 Deeply_impatient

holland_1945 i_am_a_scientist

[Clodo; eunicetsy]

anytime_is_good. basics

its_for_you_i_swoon Invitation

[cantamus; What Would a Nerd Wear]

Hotel city_sailor

petal Soft

How do you wear COLOURlovers’ favorite colors? Are they also the basis of your wardrobe? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Lindsey Baker is a style columnist based in Omaha, Neb. Check out her personal style blog, only style remains the same, at http://onlystyleremainsthesame.blogspot.com, or follow her on Twitter at http://twitter.com/shoptalkomaha.