Eclectic Color Roundup: ‘Convex Harmonics,’ Jordan Crane, Colors of the Sky Watch & a Colorful Nursery


‘Convex Harmonics’ by Sonnenzimmer


“Convex Harmonics is a set of six 5″x 5″ screen prints. The set was printed on the occasion of our 2010 exhibit, Vorab Fabrik. Using the same two dot patterns on each print, these sets were an exploration of color relationships, intensity and structure. For the exhibit, the six prints relied on each other to build a composition (see below). Sets were printed in an edition of 7.


Jordan Crane

Red ink (portfolio) | via @dontexplode

Jordan Crane is an American comics creator, and is noted for well observed narratives that focus on the vulnerability and mystery of the human experience.

Product Design

re:time of the sky by Ryohei Yoshiyuki

Portfolio | via designboom

“The sky color is mean to remind you to look up at the real sky, from time to time, in this busy life of ours. ‘we are always looking at some kind of window, on the computer, mobile phone and so on. and now a small window on one’s arm…”


Nursery by Alejandro Muñoz Miranda

Floor Nature

“Architect Alejandro Muñoz Miranda has designed a nursery school built around a central courtyard which forms its heart. The way the rooms and hallways are organised is revealed in the building’s cross-section and longitudinal section. The architect creates the effects of compression and decompression of space that he was seeking by varying the height of the rooms on the basis of their function, the sun’s path across the sky and the slope of the land. On the outside, the building is white so that it fits in with the constructions built in the 1950s in El Chaparral. This decision helps to underline the colours of the glass in the big windows cutting across the façade and the roof, letting sunlight in to colour and light up the dynamic spaces of the corridor or the indoor gym, while the windows overlooking the inner courtyard are clear glass.”

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