Transformations 3 by Leo Fitzmaurice & Inspiration from Film Packaging

Leo Fitzmaurice’s work challenges our perceptions of the ordinary using drastic changes in scale. His latest installation, Transformations 3 at The Lowry in Salford Quays, is inspired by film packaging from two of the largest photo companies, Jessop & Kodak. The exhibition runs until September 5th, 2010.

“Fitzmaurice’s bold approach to design and scale completely re-imagines the space, creating an extraordinary installation that turns the gallery walls into oversized packaging boxes. Inspired by colours and patterns found on old-style 35mm film boxes, he turns the commonplace into the thrilling.” – Lowry Exhibition page

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Video Interview

Listen to Leo talk about his inspiration and process behind Transformations 3.

More Exhibition Photos

Check out these flickr users who grabbed a glimpse of of the exhibition: Cliffordstead | Lauren Griffin | luaghingmonsta | MikeJDavis | cameragirl19 |

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Color Inspiration from Film Packaging

Here are a few color schemes to get you coloring (check ou this archive by mus-mus for more). Post your inspired palettes o and favorite fim packaging in the comments.









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