Eclectic Color Roundup: Video Color Analysis, EDGS2010 Competition, B&W Suburbia & Quirky Greeting Cards

Eclectic Color Roundup: Video Color Analysis, EDGS2010 Competition, B&W Suburbia & Quirky Greeting Cards

Video Color Analysis

by Sebastian Koenig

"This is a tool I built for fun with Processing ( It simply analyzes the contents of any video and generates a piechart. The value shows the average frequency of occurrence for each color detected. I randomly selected various short videos to demonstrate the tool. I do not own the copyrights to any of the linked videos. If you have a video you would like me to analyze, feel free to ask!"

Metronomy - Radio Ladio Music Video (

Dramatic Look (

Apple "Get A Mac" Ads (

Mickey Mouse - The Moving Day 1936 (

Design Contest

EDGS2010 Young Designers United

Young Designers United (YDU) is an international non-profit organisation whose mission is to be a crossroad and social online meeting point where stakeholders (designers, companies, institutions and individuals) connect and interact to (co-)create and innovate in optimal conditions.

Competition EDGS2010 Young Designers United (YDU) organises EDGS2010, an online European Design Graduate Show. YDU offers design graduates throughout Europe the opportunity to show design work online. EDGS2010 will invite design icons and experts to select their favourite graduates. This selection will be promoted towards press, ad agencies, companies and public. The icon’s favourites (25 per design field) become subject of the public competition and an iPad module will be launched to support the campaign. At the public competition, visitors can choose their favourites among the icon’s selection. The designers who have the most votes will become winners, as well as the visitors who have chosen the best designers of each field.

Open to: European design graduates. Graduate = student who has finished or will finish school in 2010. Design = all types of design (product design, graphic design, industrial design, architecture, multimedia, illustration, fashion design, web design, animation, digital video, interior design, motion graphics). Submission fee: free of charge. Submission deadline: August 31. How to participate: Fill in the application form at


Ross Racine

Portfolio | 20x200 online gallery

Drawn freehand directly on a computer and printed on an inkjet printer, my works do not contain photographs or scanned material.

The subjects of my recent work may be interpreted as models for planned communities as much as aerial views of fictional suburbs, referring to the dual role of the computer as a tool for urban planning as well as image capture. Examining the relation between design and actual lived experience, the works subvert the apparent rationality of urban design, exposing conflicts that lurk beneath the surface. Beyond the suburban example, these digital drawings are a way of thinking about design, the city and society as a whole.

Prairieside Forks now available at the 20x200 online gallery.

Greeting Cards



After working as an illustrator and textile designer, Craig took his cute, quirky characters and started his own greeting card company, Fishink.

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YOU build that colour analysing tool? I've seen many cool things built with processing... I'd love to try, does it have an GUI? is it possible for us to try?

Thanks for sharing the information about the competition - love your posts =)
the video color analyzing tool was built by Sebastian Koenig. there is a link to the project info above but here is again:

for anyone who is interested, you can see a few more projects built on processing here:

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