The Colors of Megan Geckler

The Colors of Megan Geckler

I know we mentioned Megan's recent installation "Every step you take, every move you make” (on display through October 31, 2010 at PMCA) not too long ago, but I'm pretty taken back by her site inspired flagging tape color freak outs. It may be a condition that could be cured by experiencing first hand one of these, what I presume to be, nearly overwhelming (in the best kind of way) installations, but until that day comes for me I encourage all of you to check her work out. So here's a little dose of color inspiration from her portfolio and some pattern's from the library that can help you cope with any tension developed by not being able to witness the work of Megan Geckler.

Megan Geckler's (@dummytown) site-specific architectural installations are assembled from thousands of strands of flagging tape, a colorful plastic ribbon utilized by surveyors to demarcate space on construction sites.  This anonymous material is located on the periphery of our everyday life, manufactured in a wide array of colors and coded for multiple practical uses.  When distanced from their intended applications, this material lends a manufactured quality to the pieces. The translucency of the material has encouraged me to experiment with light in later works, designing and fabricating diffusers, or sometimes building around the florescent tubes themselves, which share the industrial territory of the flagging tape.  The tape becomes the surface and a point of departure for color studies, achieved by layering the material over itself, much like a painter would use a glaze, exponentially increasing the limited palette that is available. - quoted from


Given that Megan uses architecture & flagging tape, I'm thinking she should have her pick of construction sites in any given city to rid us of the views of scaffolding and transform the area into something truly unique.

It took her and her team of twenty  700 hours to weave this epic 25′ x 30′ flow of color through the space.

COLOURlovers Patterns

Recommended by ycc2106, who started the group Interpretation Fun, here are two patterns reminiscent of Megan's work. If you know of more patterns like these or create a new one let us know in the comments.

Pattern by leslie


Im_Busy_Being_Alive Harmonize

bahia_3 bahia_2

bahia_1 bahia

Pattern by prima ballerina

Rainbow_Rush_Hour painted

Kings_textile iMsorrY_2saY_iMsorrY

Evil_Olive_Distort COOL

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Hey thanks for mentioning my group! =)
I think this is a great idea to use as double ceiling - it enabled to keep the spacey feeling, hide dirty parts, + it quickly has effect, looks good AND it's also quit cheap. Just perfect!
I was thinking it would be good for a friend who does underground concerts in old factories...

Inspired on the truck red flagging tape (lines should have been thicker but the general shape is similar)

Yup! I know a lot more - I've been collecting them =)

and why not like this
See, why doesn't something cool like this come to Chicago? :D
This is so cool. The minute I saw this blog, I was like HEY! Real life versions of our patterns. =)
hmm, sounds like a great concept for an exhibit, leslie. we'll have it in Chicago so tenkerasu can come ;)
I would love to do a piece at the MCA in Chicago.
Upcoming shows in Columbus Ohio - at the Wexner

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