A dose of color: What’s crafty on Etsy this week

If you love crafting, you likely have a bookmark for Etsy somewhere on your laptop, but if not, we must encourage that you make one, because the website is a fountain of creativity and always makes us feel inspired! That being said, if the whole Etsy experience is just too overwhelming or time consuming for you (too much stuff! takes too long to sort through! aah!), then perhaps we can assist you with our weekly Etsy roundup. Check out some of our favorite crafty picks below!

These Japanese Owl Baby Booties easily are the cutest things I’ve seen in ages — can you imagine the attention you’d get carrying your little one into Starbucks wearing something this snazzy? The kimono style is made with imported Japanese fabric, which would likely make for a great gift even if you don’t have a cute set of plump feet in the house. Blowingkissesdesigns has much more where this came from too, and the same bootie style comes in many different vivid patterns and colors. Her antique rings are also a steal and inspired by blooming chrysanthemums.


Perhaps you don’t have a little one to tote around, but that’s quite alright, because I suspect you do have a purse, and inside it there are things that need organizing. Like your greenbacks! Perhaps if you’ve been in the mood for a new wallet, this cheerful umbrella-printed design is just what you need. Artist faithonearth makes these with Linda Svensson fabric ( Swedish IKEA designer) and they come in a wide variety of colors. She also makes beautiful slouchy bags that I bet you’ll fall promptly in love with.

Rather decorate your ears than find a colorful new place to store your cash? Well, I can’t say I blame you — earrings are very noticeable, and you’re sure to get a lovely blush from a pair of earrings like these delicate dangly hearts. If you’re feeling like expressing your femininity, check out the Paper Cakes page, where you can find much more where these came from.  And don’t miss out on her lovely Melmac Tea Set with matching saucers — simply a dream if you have a thing for vintage pieces.


Maybe it’s the bedroom you’d like to liven up with a jolt of color? Check out these dreamy pillowcases, made of scraps such as English lace, Irish linen and repurposed velvet. Makes you feel luxurious just thinking about it, doesn’t it? ThreeRedApples has a great selection of very English-inspired pieces, including messenger bags, baby toys, and makeup rolls.


Thought we forgot that gentlemen like to shop crafts too? We didn’t. Get an eyeful of these gorgeous silkscreened ties (also shown in our header image) from toybreaker, which come in five colors and are pure silk. If you love the classy look, there are tons more patterns to choose from — and you can also find bowties!

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