New COLOURlovers Channel for Entrepreneurs

Since adding in content channels a few months ago, we’ve had some great new writers join our community to share ideas & insights in the areas of fashion, wedding planning, interior / web / print design and crafts. As we grow the amount of content we produce we hope to attract even more COLOURlovers from around the world who are passionate about color and how to use it in their own world…. We want to help you get from color inspiration to execution.

As a life long entrepreneur and business owner, I’m stoked to announce the new business channel for our creative & entrepreneurial friends. As technology makes it more and more easy for an independent creative professional to reach a mass market, there’s an amazing opportunity for hobby creatives to become micro-business owners… and maybe some day creative-moguls! Maybe you have a local retail store or you share your work with our friends at Etsy... Our new channel aims to provide you with Ideas, information & inspiration for how to convert on the ROI of color.

We’re still a growing small-business ourselves and what always keeps us from sharing as much color love as we would want to is the limited resources we have… So, I’m excited to have the new channel supported by a top & quality brand like HP… who is a big believer in the power of color. Their support will allow us to add even more blog posts than we’re publishing now and to expand our community to even more people.

Along with the support from HP, we’re getting some great help with the channel from John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, who is signing on to share insights and interviews with small business owners about how they’re using color in their work. As always we’ll be sharing our own inspiration galleries and fun color posts too.

Do you have a great story to tell about the colors of your business?

A Little Colorful Business Inspiration

We look forward to the content that we’ll start putting out in this channel next week, but to to get this things started, we’ve compiled a small inspiration gallery of some colorful logos we’ve seen recently. Business isn’t only about getting into the black…

Logos from LogoPond. Find the direct links in the trend section.

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