Eclectic Color Roundup: 24 Color Rainbow Umbrella, Fouled!!!, The Fast Lane & Textile Sculptures


24 Color Rainbow Umbrella


“This striking generously-sized umbrella brightens any day. Composed of 24 distinct panels (as opposed to the eight panels that make up traditional umbrellas), it surrounds the user in every shade of the rainbow when open.”

World Cup


world identity lab

“The Worldcup has started and it seems that the whole world unites as one big family. Nevertheless unfair players foul others, but on the other side there are great actors who imitate being fouled. Show us your most convincing “Ouch! I’ve been fouled!” – face.┬áTake a picture of you or/and your friends (with camera, webcam, mobilephone,…).┬áSend it with name/nickname and location to [email protected]. The one with the most votes wins a play loud!-book.”

Viral Advertising

The Fast Lane

Viral Blog


Textile Sculpture by Katy Heinlein


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