Interior Design Trends: Green & Yellow

One of the things that can help uplift your mood is a bit of certain colors. Rich, fun  and bright tones seem to work well. Green and yellow is a nice marriage of tones and always makes me think of lemon and lime. They seem to be big in certain items throughout the Spring and Summer months, which makes perfect sense since they pair up nicely and give off a cheerful feel. Do these two give you are positive feeling?

pillowlampnapkinsweb cammapvaselanternsglassesblanket

Interiors: 1 & 2

big_banana_plant Musicals_are_fun

Dead_weight Warm_sand

ORYGUN Ma_Ville_Qui_Meurt

Author: Olan
Olan provides design consultations and is a proud mother of three who effectively manages both family and business life. She graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree in interior design and truly loves what she does, her remarkable work ethic and dedication are a clear indication of that.