25 Awe-inspiring New Seamless Patterns

25 Awe-inspiring New Seamless Patterns

It has only been 2 months since we launched Seamless Studio and already we're overwhelmed by all the great new patterns that have been created by all of you. Here we're highlighting 25 new patterns where you can see the original pattern followed by a few colored by other members. Keep creating and spreading the color love!

Have you noticed or created a new pattern that you think is the tops? Recommend it to the rest of us by posting an example in the comments.

Feeling inspired and want to get coloring? Click on any of these patterns then "Create Pattern" to get started. You can also select from all of the patterns or browse the pattern library for more inspiration.

If you're looking for a little help working with Seamless Studio check out the forum post: Design Tips - Seamless Patterns.

Pattern Design by madda

salmon Ekstra
Im_Too_Fast_Pixels call_me_back

Pattern Design by Colorpie Patterns

78_and_sunny Geisha
for_Colorpie psychotronic.

Pattern Design by thisgirldesigns

Whiskerdance London_Wheel

Pattern Design by ambu1959

Recotiate awakening_creature
Fabric_Was_Shiny fossil_farm

Pattern Design by ycc2106

Arranco_de_VarsĂłvia COMPLEX_JOY
old_school2 sky_filter

Pattern Design by Prima Ballerina

Corrupted_GPS Groovy_Bee
carrie1 war_here_war_there

Pattern Design by ambu1959

Indian_Thing Shanti_Shanti_Shanti
deliciosa_mistica singalong_:]

Pattern Design by clemlou

EmilieFan03 High_and_low
8Marzo2010 Diffenbacchia

Pattern Design by ABACCUS

wind_power_in_love No_More_Tickles
Contagious_Love UnDO

Pattern Design by Colorpie Patterns

furball fly_over_ocean
Ink_Stain Chaos_Theory_Green

Pattern Design by Countscapula

The_Miracle_Template Sorbet
Frayed_Threads Margo_T.

Pattern Design by Colorpie Patterns

naturella Effervescent
selo no_such_flower

Pattern Design by Highwireart

low_tide Desert_Heat
01 Inner_Life

Pattern Design by thisgirldesigns

I_want_the_last_word Book_Nightmare
Chili Bamboozled

Pattern Design by oppouline

Cirque Why_even_me
On_The_Street Over_Population

Pattern Design by ycc2106

DeSuchero belly_button
the_personal_aurum Mulaippal

Pattern Design by karnoug

Vacant_Flat Old_Inlay
Lavender_Pea_Soup unfocused

Pattern Design by Liebling

Phoenix_Rising Shyest_Peacock
Birth_Of_The_Phoenix entertainingredbirds

PPattern Design by Sunny21327

mary_poppins Chrnyscha
Toxic_Recall Talking_Trees

Pattern Design by Clemlou

f._s. Long_division
alien_or_local paddy_o

Pattern Design by Colorpie Patterns

zakuska Promises
Flowers_In_A_Bottle Good_Times

Pattern Design by rocksnikki

thrust_bust Pistons_Piano
Synth_Organ_Pipes library_therapy

Pattern Design by Colorpie Patterns

the_bathroom Colorpie@_MoMa
Citric_Candies Fancy_Shoes

Pattern Design by Colorpie Patterns

blue-red-harmony* colurpie
Defining_Moments Lago_verde

Pattern Design by ambu1959

blue_rose run_plum

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Well done guys! Very nice patterns!!
This one is absolutely amazing!
You just made me discover a new version of the pattern!

Thanks for sharing all the beautiful patterns.
What a great article. There are so many more templates that are well worthy of mention. How can you choose? I'm so glad you added countscapula's magic pattern too. Thank you for adding some of my work. And thank you PureForm for letting us know who made this possible.
colorpie wrote:
Thank you for adding some of my work. And thank you PureForm for letting us know who made this possible.

Well, not ALL of it... there are quite a few other people to thank as well, but rsvg is an essential component :-)
Thank you for this fun post of patterns evad. Here are a few of my favorites.

A dynamite pattern from Niagirl.

This is a piece of art from mcmp . You must open it up to see.

This Liebling pattern already has 9 pages of patterns. It's a favorite for many.

O2bqueen has so many great patterns. This is a favorite of mine.

And a new one today from ycc2106.

And another that tickles my fancy. From O2bqueen.

Fun with colours by Mabuse.
Beautiful selection! <3
Nice selection! And there are so many more out there!
And there is no ignoring Mothra's great patterns.

Mug3n does some neat stuff with patterns.
This is a MUST see pattern!
I never realised it was only launched 2 months ago!
Some really fun patterns:
You're too sweet Evad!!!!
I missed this post as at that time I just arrived and wasn't following your posts

There have been an incredible amount of great patterns recently - the levels gone up!

Some I like (creators name is on the badge unless mentioned)
There'a been a series of ethnic style animals

Some manage to give a hand drawn feel with seamless(!)

and this an old classic by... of course colorpie - I love + still used often by many poeple

I think a new post like this is welcome =)
Ycc dear only brought it to my Notice-I feel honoured that mine is included in the list

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