Eclectic Color Roundup: Poodle All Colors, Retro Pens, Feelings Are Facts & Purple Snow.

Eclectic Color Roundup: Poodle All Colors, Retro Pens, Feelings Are Facts & Purple Snow.


'Poodle All Colors' by Tina Roth Eisenberg

Beautifully Banal Poster Series | Swiss Miss

The Type Directors Club in conjunction with Cardon Copy has asked designers to find a classified/personal newspaper ad from their local community to “hijack” typographically. When redesigned, the once banal and disposable classified ads will be reinterpreted by the designer into a one-of-a-kind collectible poster. Each poster will be auctioned on Tuesday evening, May 11th (starting at 6:00 pm), with proceeds to benefit the TDC Scholarship Fund.


Retro Pens


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Feelings Are Facts

UCCA | | More Photos

Feelings are facts will showcase the first collaboration between world-renowned Danish-Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson, and leading Chinese architect, Ma Yansong. Eliasson and Ma will create for UCCA a unique experience through architecture and light. Eliasson often plays with light, shadow, color and fog to create a specific environment for the viewer to enjoy the pure act of seeing, and to discover their surroundings through mechanically induced phenomena. Ma’s architecture stands at the forefront of new experimentation in building structures, refashioning form in bold pursuits of perfection. Their collaboration is specifically designed for UCCA’s big hall inviting the Chinese audience to enter an endless space of fog, with color emanating from fluorescent tubes of red, green and blue. By moving about in the locations where the colors blend, viewers will endlessly creates their own color spectrums.

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Purple Snow


People in Southern Russia could not believe their eyes when they found purple snow piled on city streets.

Scientists confirmed a multi-coloured snowfall – ranging from light purple to brown – had landed in Russia's Stavropol Region.

Having analysed the samples, climatologists ruled that the snow is perfectly safe. However, eating purple snow is still not recommended as scientists say it is full of dust from Africa... continue reading.

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