Jessi’s Rainbow Birthday: A Celebration of Color

To celebrate Jessi’s Birthday it was suggested that everyone should dress in their favorite color from head-to-toe. Not being able to decide what her favorite color was–something many of us here at COLOURlovers can easily relate to–Jessi decided to change outfits every hour covering the entire spectrum with a monochromatic outfit for each hue. As a present, and to commemorate this colorful occasion, Josh Stewart created the website Jessi’s Rainbow Birthday.

“I’m Jessi, and I LOVE color. This website represents April 16, 2010, my 31st birthday. When the lovely Jessica Hische brilliantly suggested the theme of everyone dressing head-to-toe in a single color a mere day before my birthday, I was surprised to find that I already had the complete makings for several different colors in my closet. (Most of my friends and family will tell you they are not at all surprised.) I couldn’t decide which color was my favorite, so I decided to opt for 11 outfit changes. I’m so grateful to my friend and colleague Josh Stewart for turning the day into a website. It’s SO me.”

PMS 215 or Shopgirl’s Raspberry Beret

“I started my birthday with a bang of color! On our walk to work, Creighton and I noted how our regular clothes, which normally wouldn’t get a second look, were all of the sudden arresting viewers simply because of the unconventional combination. (Creighton was wearing all red.) Want to stop traffic? Dress head-to-toe one color. This feather hat and vintage Neiman-Marcus silk shirt came from the Brooklyn Flea. The scarf is from a New Year’s trip to New Orleans with the Amy, Scott and Lucy. The purchase of an accessory is a spectacular way to remember a journey. The magenta cords are from Brooklyn Industries, and if you ever find magenta Ropers (boots) in your size while thrift shopping, BUY THEM.”

PMS 369 or Showgirl Spring Fling

“This outfit is Creighton all the way. The corduroy blazer and cotton pants are both from Tommy Hilfiger. He used to work in their creative department and we’d get big discounts at the SoHo store. I’m sure Tommy would cringe because these are not meant to be worn together. The visor is a souvenir Creighton brought me from a trip to Vegas, and the shoes, which we call the grasshoppers, are his. Every now and then (like when I dress like Kermit for Halloween), I can pull them off with the aid of really thick socks.”

PMS 1665 or Candy Corn Waistline

“I adore mixing color and function. Orange goulashes paired with comfy orange stretch corduroys and an orange front-pocket sweatshirt. What could be better or brighter on a rainy birthday? On a trip to San Francisco, my friend Amy Treibly pointed out this sweatshirt on a sale and said, “this is SO Jessi.” At the time I didn’t see it, but she must have been right because I wear it constantly. Thanks Amy!”

PMS 9064 or Alice’s Spiked Vanilla Milkshake

“Mix one part second wedding dress (meaning the dress I put it on after our wedding before we all headed to the bar for bourbon), one part thrift store sweater that reminds me of a 60’s diner, a half part yoga pants from American Apparel, two parts vintage boots that represent the first birthday present Creighton ever gave me, blend and serve. What’s on my head you might ask? Good question because it’s is a mystery even to me. Feathers, several feet of ribbon and a giant rose form a turban-like garden explosion. (At this point we’d started drinking, and there’s no mirror in our office.)”

PMS Cool Grey 8 or Diamonds on the Soles of her Dancing Shoes

“And now for evening wear, I propose this disco party on top slash elegant affair on bottom, which is yet another gem from Amy’s booth at the Brooklyn flea. (See brown and purple.) It’s paired with Capezio t-strap tap shoes sans taps, a matching silver clutch, and my Bea Arthur wig. Why do I have a Bea Arthur wig? Well I just happen to be the lead singer of a Bea Arthur Tribute band, the WannaBeas. And let’s face it, salt and pepper is very sexy. Whew! 11 outfits is a lot of work, but even more fun.”

Some of the Other Colorful Partygoers

See all of her outfit changes at Jessi’s Rainbow Birthday. Found on SwissMiss.

Author: evad
David Sommers has been loving color as COLOURlovers' Blog Editor-in-Chief for the past two years. When he's not neck deep in a rainbow he's loving other things with The Post Family (, a Chicago-based art blog, artist collective & gallery.